Teaching Them to Finish Strong


“The harder conditions get, the more our faith in the Lord is built up. The more excruciating the trial, the stronger at the end we are. And where there is great sorrow, His grace and compassion are far more. Mama, don’t forget this. It’s all for a purpose, and yes, to wait is hard, but He simply isn’t done yet. Let Him finish.

Rest, Mama. You did well this week by your kids. May they rise up and call you blessed. It’s a process. Nothing happens overnight. Wait on Him to complete what He has begun in you and your family. He’s not done. He will be finished in His timing.
And your joy comes in the morning.” – Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Yep…its been a week.

Not sure if anyone is ready to stand up and call me blessed yet…but I have a faith that they will one day.

Last Monday morning, I heard God say…”stay strong Mama!” I knew immediately what this meant. We were going to learn some things this week.

My middle child was going to be going off to middle school church camp that afternoon and God was going to use this time to train her in some big things, but I was going to have to stay strong and not let her back out of going or even staying.

I am the kind of mom that makes you finish what you started out to do. If you sign up for ballet class but decide half way through the year that you don’t like it and would like to try something else…well, we still finish out that year of ballet, then next year you can try something else. Learning to finish strong.

My mama instilled this in me. Seriously…thank you Mama!

It’s finishing what you have already started. Even when its hard. God may just have a purpose in it all anyway…He usually does.

So Tuesday morning after only being there less than 14 hours – which mind you the camp-ground is 7 miles north of my house – I get a call.

{Tears…heavy breathing…} “Mama…my stomach hurts and I miss you.”

I took a deep breath and in the fastest way asked God for MIGHTY WISDOM and strength.

“Sweetie, did you sleep well?” I asked.

“Not really.”

“It’s breakfast time. You know that at these camps, breakfast is usually the best meal and I am sure they have something good for you in the dining hall,” I gently replied. “I bet your hungry and I know you are tired.”

“Yes ma’am,” her crackling voice came out with.

“I think there are a lot of people who are out there that love Jesus and are ready to teach you many great things about Jesus. They have some incredible things planed for you guys today, but if you keep thinking about how much you miss us, then you will miss out on it. I need you to pull it together so that you can go learn about Jesus.” {The strong, but shaky mom replied}

“Ok…I think I can make it,” she said.

I had one last thing…”Sweetie, whoever the counselor was that let you use their phone…I want you to hug them and tell them ‘Thank you and let’s go learn about Jesus.”

“I love you Mom!”

“I love you too sweetie.”

You know…I hung up and prayed hard like any other God-fearing mom would do…like really hard with all the Holy Spirit stuff inside of me.

This week I have discovered that being a mom is hard, but making your child push through those tough places is an even lonelier place. There aren’t many other mom’s in that camp wearing that T-shirt.

The bottom line that I kept telling myself as well as kept reminding the other mom’s going through the same thing this week…

Let’s think about this realistically…

First…My child was safe.
Second…My child was being well cared for and having a good time when she wasn’t thinking about how much she missed me.
Third…These precious people love Jesus and were wanting to teach her more about Jesus.

The good news…She stayed and had an absolute fabulous time. They started posting pictures of her participating in incredibly fun activities and she was smiling the whole time too! She was making some new friends and began to open up and share boldly in her small groups about the miracles our family has witnessed in the last year.

As we rode out of the camp ground on Friday there sat next to me a new young lady. One that was confident, bold and filled with lots of Jesus.

She began opening her notebook and Bible notes and sharing with me about all that they learned this week about what Jesus did on the Cross and how she wanted to live her life better for Jesus.

I had taught her most of this since she popped out of my body but sometimes Jesus needs to repeat things with us several times and in different ways so that we learn them again…again…and again.

    “Mama…this week changed my life. I am so glad you made me stay.”

I don’t know if that would be classified as…”her children will rise up and call her blessed” or not, but I will take it…dirty laundry and all.

Later this week a friend of mine was encouraging me to write this post to encourage other mom’s that might be going through the pushing and the pulling of making their children do hard things. She said, “Amy, if you had not gone through the absolute Hell that you and Kevin did this last year you might not have understood the need for continuing to push your child to do these hard things. There were many times when you wanted to quit, and go home, but you didn’t.”

She had a very good point! I then began to hear bells going off in my head.

We, as adults, still are learning how to go through tough stuff and trusting that God still has His hand on our lives.

She actually read a billboard that day that read…

“What ever flower in our future blooms is dependent on what seeds we plant today.”

I pray that I planted seeds of finishing strong this week in my precious child. You see God has big things in store for her in His Kingdom….it might as well start with attending middle school camp.

This week as I was battling all of this in my spirit, this song kept coming on the radio so I went to look it up on YouTube. Hope it blesses all you mother’s out there. {if you can’t view it go here.}

Remember….Rest, Mama. You did well this week by your kids. May they rise up and call you blessed. It’s a process. Nothing happens overnight. Wait on Him to complete what He has begun in you and your family. He’s not done. He will be finished in His timing.
And your joy comes in the morning.

Singing in the Joy!

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  1. Beautiful Amy! Tears came to my eyes as I was reading this. You are an awesome mom. I know Annie and Carson got to know one another this week; they hugged each other just before Annie climbed into the car to leave Friday morning. I’m glad for that. Glad for all the faith family at CrossPointe. Glad for Jesus.

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