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I am the wife of an awesome husband, and the mother of 3 daughters. I am a daughter and a sister. Sharing God's insights and downloads is something new for me but being an ordinary woman that God wants to do Extraordinary things through is what this blog is all about. I pray the God of the Universe will do EXTRAORDINARY things through you too!

When Life Throws You Curve Balls

Well…Nothing like making a mistake ordering a computer cord to draw all of your blog reading friends together again!  Sorry for the mistake you guys!  No…you did not order the computer cord…I did! 😂.  Too much to explain why you … Continue reading

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Healing Words

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This morning I shared some thoughts that I got from a devotional through social media and it seemed to resonate with some of my friends – just like it did me…on so many levels.  Maybe I was not the only one … Continue reading

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If there are Words for Him…

Homeschooling has changed my perspective on our words that we use.  We are learning how to use our words all. day. long.  We are copying words, reading words, arranging words, speaking words, analyzing words, breaking down words, writing words, and … Continue reading

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Red Sea Experiences

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(If you are receiving this through email, then you will need to click on the title of this post so that you can see the video at the end.) A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged with an experience … Continue reading

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2015 has started out in a fog. I think it has to do with the cold meds I have been consuming for the better part of 2 weeks. That slushy-type feeling when things really don’t make sense, but you know … Continue reading

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Finish What He’s Started

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{If you are reading this post through your inbox, I’d encourage you to go HERE to see the video.} That video that you just bumped into at the top of this post has had such profound meaning to me in … Continue reading

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God is greater. God is greater than your feelings. God is greater than your problems. God is greater than your thoughts about yourself. God is greater than anyone in this world. There is someone who needed to hear that! Personally, … Continue reading

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This summer we were living in abundance. I mean some serious abundance of blueberries. We have 14 bushes and with the earlier rains in the late spring early summer they were busting forth with some blue goodness. In the early … Continue reading

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Dear Younger Me

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I don’t know about how your family does life, but mine is different. Our life’s experiences are very much characterized by the music we listen to. Songs that just really. hit. home. This summer Kevin went to MD Anderson for … Continue reading

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Where is my Anchor?

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The summer months provide a little more sunshine early in the morning than many times I desire. My body notices it because it screams to hide for a few more minutes of sleep. In reality, I think it God’s plan … Continue reading

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