I am not Lost

rainbow mountain

I have just been lost in action ~ Like lost in all the action that is going on in our LIFE.

I am so full right now with gratitude of life…

I am grateful that this summer we have been able to:
* take care of our gigantic garden, enjoying all the fruits of our labor.


* spending time with my girls, making crafts, playing games and reading fun books
* spending time with friends
* laughing while reading a book on motherhood
* reading heart-changing books about how to be a better follower of Jesus.


* canning/freezing for the winter’s bounty
* watching my girls ride horses…swim…ride horses and swim again
* Practicing my photography skills
* visiting many websites to get new motivating ideas on leadership, writing, cooking, parenting and loving Jesus more.

These are all important memory makers to me and I could list a hundred more.

You see…I realize that our girls are here for just a season under mine and my husband’s roof.

Time is precious.

I want to value every minute of it.

Ecclesiastes 3
“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and a time to build up.”

There is this author named Katherine Center that explains it quite well what has been going through my head in recent days. I wish I could be so eloquent with my words…but she does it so well.

“I am grateful for learning how to be grateful. That is the difference between being age 8 and age 40. By 40, you’ve learned what life has to teach you. By 40, you learn grief, sorrow, and regret. By 40, you learn time is not linear.”

Please take time to watch below. I think it will bless you as well.

amy-signature #2


  1. Being grateful – for you and the inspiring gift you share – Thanks Amy for being such a great example of a loving and godly momma – your girls are so blessed!

  2. Cool lady on the path to great wisdom. And, yes, little girls ask some hard questions!!! I enjoyed! Sent from my iPhone

  3. How precious it is that even though your summer is busy, it is a summer of rest and joy filled moments. You have been on my heart and in my prayers and so today I give thanks for the bounty God has blessed you with. Bounty of health, wholeness, joy, peace, perfect love, wisdom and creativity. May He fill you to overflowing with His gifts of grace.

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