When Life Throws You Curve Balls

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Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

Well…Nothing like making a mistake ordering a computer cord to draw all of your blog reading friends together again!  Sorry for the mistake you guys!  No…you did not order the computer cord…I did! 😂.  Too much to explain why you got the email.  Let’s just say, if you have any experience with WordPress, I’d love to chat with you!

God really has a sense of humor in all of this as well.  I can see Him smiling down on me.  You see, I have been really feeling like God wanted me to write more again.  I have been journaling more and more about what I am learning and my Savior very politely whispered to me a month ago, “Let’s just sit down and try this blog writing out again.”

I decided first, I needed to clean off my desk.  Then I better organize my thoughts better.  And of course, I would need a different computer cord to help with the process. (You see where I can get distracted rather than just obeying!)  God must have gotten tired of waiting because nothing like trying to answer so many texts, emails and messages about the ordering of a computer cord!

As we were trying to finish up dinner tonight I heard a gal share on a radio show, “you can never prepare enough for the curve balls that life throws at you.  Life just happens.”

Life does happen.

I am also learning that nothing catches God off guard.  He is in the midst of it all.  Being vulnerable to admit our mistakes actually makes us stronger.  Stronger in relying on Jesus, not ourselves.

Thanks for sticking with me and extending grace even in the midst of my chaotic life of order computer cords.

Glad you are still here.

And I am hoping to return to this space and share some of those thoughts that God is nudging me to share!




  1. Hey Amy!

    No biggie! This technology stuff is crazy! I was not worried – I knew you had a handle on it. Looking forward to your blog again.

    Love you girl!


  2. I love you Amy!! And even this email made me remember Jesus is smiling down on me as well in a tender loving manner as He patiently waits for me to just surrender and do HIS NEXT THING!!

  3. Can you order thru this site?? I’ve rec’d TWO emails regarding recent purchases AND paid thru apple pay. I DO NOT HAVE APPLE PAY. I HAVE NOT ORDERED. I am looking into this with FRAUD. Thank you


    • I am so Sorry! This was a mistake. You subscribed to my blog probably a long time ago. I had an email associated with it and when I ordered something it sent an email to he wrong email which then directly posts to this site. I apologize for the inconvenience!

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