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Please forgive me for sending that letter to all of you that are subscribed to the Strong Tower Blog. At least, I can now call on all of you to pray as I lead a study on the Holy Spirit.

This would be an embarrassing moment I will not forget. Humbling for sure!

Thank you for your grace.

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About amygking

I am the wife of an awesome husband, and the mother of 3 daughters. I am a daughter and a sister. Sharing God's insights and downloads is something new for me but being an ordinary woman that God wants to do Extraordinary things through is what this blog is all about. I pray the God of the Universe will do EXTRAORDINARY things through you too!
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2 Responses to Oops~!

  1. Jennifer says:

    You are a precious lady!  Praying for your study.  Sounds like something I might be interested in.


  2. Sandra Anderson says:

    Amy, It was not a mistake—it was a “God thing”. Now, we’ve all been prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for each of you who will be there. I know it will be a great day because He will be there. Love you, Mrs. A

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