Only Believe

Smith Wigglesworth wrote the following:

“Only believe! All things are possible; only believe! Praise God, He has made all things possible. There is liberty for everyone, whatever the trouble. Our Lord Jesus says, “Only believe” (Mark 5:36) He has obtained complete victory over every difficulty, over every power of evil, over every depravity. Every sin is covered by Calvary.

Who are the tribe of Abraham? All who believe in Jesus Christ are the seed of faith, Abraham’s seed. If we dare come believing, God will heal; God will restore and will lift the burden and will wake us up to real, overcoming faith. Look up; take courage! Jesus has shaken the foundations of death and darkness. He fights for you, and there is none like Him. His name is above every name.”

Today we walked in this Truth. We had times when the burden just seemed to hard to carry. We cried and realized that it was ok to cry. Then we focused on what we did know in the Truth.

* God loves us.
* God has set us apart and cares about every fiber of our being.
* God goes before us and makes it possible for us to walk.
* God only calls us to walk one step at a time.

My mama was encouraging me today and said, “Amy, remember the flashlight shoes that you wrote your first blog post about?” (you can search the archives and see it) My Dad had given me this pair of hilarious bed room shoes that had a light on the front of them that would activate when you walked in darkness. They didn’t shine real far, but just far enough for the next step. She reminded me that when I shine a flash light I have to be careful not to only shine the flashlight way ahead of you, but to shine it right on your feet, so you know where your next step comes from. Today, was a feet flash light day.

Kevin walked around this morning. There is this room on the top floor of the building where you can go and just see how vast this city really is. It is good to just get out of the four walls of room P929.

When we got back, we had church.
* We talked about how God loves us and He knows how much we can handle.
* How nothing we did caused this cancer.
* How we are in the most perfect place and God got us here.
* How all He calls us to do is TRUST HIM.
We then played songs we had on the iPad from Passion Conference CD’s.

Jesus was ushered into that room!

Kevin and I released alot to the feet of Jesus.

At 3:30 Kevin went in for the MRI for the brain scan. Even though we had been told that they didn’t expect to find anything, we were still anxious.

At 5:00 the vascular doctor came in to tell us that they would not be needing to give any blood thinners because they didn’t feel like there was room for concern about the blood vessels breaking away from the aorta in a damaging sort of way. MIRACLE NUMBER 4.

Then our Oncologist came in and said he did not find anything on the brain scan. MIRACLE NUMBER 5! The lead radiologist will examine tomorrow to confirm. Still claiming miracles.

So all you prayer warriors…God is using you in mammoth proportions! Don’t underestimate the power of prayer from a Body that ONLY Believes!

About one year ago, our family was introduced to a song about a scripture that was our rock while at Shands. It seems that God continues to use this verse in our life. He had our girls memorize portions of it through the tool of this song. I am so glad we obeyed in doing this.

About 3 months ago, I began reading a book called Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth. I gained so much strength from reading this. I mentioned to Kevin, I just couldn’t figure out why I was reading it now…now I know why.

To my girls…I want you to sing this one at the top of your lungs. You know the Truth in it! Remember how much God loves it when we Praise Him!

Keep the prayers coming. God’s Still Got This!


  1. Amy & Kevin, God is using you at MD Anderson!
    Chills just ran up my spine and all the hair just stood
    up on my body as I type this. Someone is watching
    your reaction to everything that happens. They
    see you everyday, they want to know our Jesus!!!
    All that is in my mind right now and it gets louder and
    louder is Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit.
    Open our eyes we want to see you!!!
    May The Lord Be Gracious Unto You And Give You His Peace. May You Discover In Jesus The Power Of Greatness. And May You Overcome The World, The Flesh And The Devil. May You Understand Who You Are In God’s Kingdom And That You Have The Power To Be Victorious Over All Things. In Jesus’ Name, We Receive It.

  2. A friend had given me Psalm 91 and I had been going through the workbook. I will gladly use that as I continue praying for you all. It is a hard walk right now but amazing things will come of this. Thank you for the beautiful faith that you both live out each day.

  3. Thinking of you all in my prayers daily. It’s a miracle just knowing and believeing “Our God is Able !” (He is perfecting and performing in so many ways that would be beyond what we can attain.)

  4. Amy and Kevin, Praise God for the blessing of answered prayers. Praying for you each day in my quiet time and with others here at Ambling. The Lord has had me “parked” in Psalm 91 since January of this year. Powerful promises, protection, and assurances are revealed to His children in this scripture and this chapter has been such a source of strength for me. I turned the chapter into a prayer a few months ago and it has proven to be such a powerful prayer for me. Continuing to pray and praises the Lord for the blessings shown thus far.

  5. I’ve told you for a long time now that Psalm 91:4 was “my” verse. I’ve prayed this over & over for you & Kevin. I have the most vivid vision of Jesus wrapping you ever so tightly in His arms, so much that you may feel His very breath upon your skin. I am continuing to stand on the Promises!!!

  6. my eyes tear up when i pray for you two- HE said to me when i asked why i cry, that it is not just for healing but because of the love i have for you – joe glenn

  7. Hi Amy,
    I’m Kevin’s cousin (Jimmy’s daughter). Just heard about all of this yesterday and wanted to let you know that I am praying for you guys- complete healing, comfort for the girls while you all are away, for the docs, even just for good nights of sleep during all of this. Praying that you guys are able to continue to cling to Him and His promises!

  8. Amy,

    This is Lara (Jimmy’s other daughter). I am also praying. I was diagnosed with MS last fall and God has been so faithful to provide healing in my body to the point that I have no fear of the disease returning. Here are a few of the promises that I have stood on:

    Matthew 4:17 Jesus healed EVERY kind of sickness and disease. That means He healed cancer. He reigns over our bodies. Genesis chapter 1 is the standard for human health. We don’t accept anything else. We can rest secure in His arms. There is healing in His love.

    I love you all from afar and know that in trial there is great opportunity to overcome in Him.


  9. Amy and family,
    I am a friend and fellow church member of Connie and Freddie. We at Euclid Avenue Baptist have been praying fervently for the past few days and are sharing the joy of the miracles God is providing for Kevin and all of you. I have a good friend who was diagnosed with cancer in December and she (and we) claimed Psalm 91 as she has walked her road of chemo and now radiation. We have all been comforted by the power of God’s Word and as you face the days and weeks ahead, cling to the promises and assurance He has provided. Take care of yourself as you assume a caregiver role. I know Kevin is where God provided and all the staff at MD Anderson will be His hands as he continues treatment. Sara and Ted Ellis, Bristol, VA

  10. Amy –
    At women’s study today we talked a lot about trials and reactions…we looked at yalls example! You are showing Gods love and through your blog God is changing lives here Valdosta daily! I personally have grown closer to God and learned so much through your faithfulness this week. Know we prayed at women’s study for you, Kevin, drs, and the girls!! Lots of love pouring out of Valdosta! please let your family know we are willing to help with anything the girls need!

  11. Close your eyes tonight and rest in the peace of the miracles of the day. Feel the comfort of his massive arms wrapped around you just as a parent holds their newborn. Lastly feel the warmth of the blanket of Love that covers you woven very tightly with the prayers of those who care about your family.
    Much Love and strength coming your way,
    Beth & Gus

  12. Amy and Kevin, prayers are strong and heartfelt in all the ways our Lord can create such a healing for you. Remember to breathe. It will calm your body and mind. We love y’all. Nancy

  13. “JESUS loves you (both), this I know. For the Bible tells us so…we are weak but He is strong”
    Might be a little child’s song to remember but the words apply to us all. Especially in times of trials.

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