one step at a time

This morning my quiet time revealed this to me.

“Peace is the capacity to be calm in the midst of the chaos and confusion. Peace gives us the ability to keep our minds focused on our assignment even when everything seems to be coming unglued. We have to continually seek God’s character of JOY to remain emotionally afloat in the midst of a turbulent sea of momentum shifts.”

Just 2 weeks ago we rode out the tropical storm Earl at the beach. The turbulent waves were tremendous. We kept watching the weather as it would worsen and then let up a bit.

I have felt like that this past week. Turbulent waves and peace at different moments.

We arrived at MD Anderson Cancer Center yesterday around 4:30pm CST.

We (my father, Kevin and I) prayed at the door before walking in. We felt a peace about us. As we walked in they greeted…like seriously…standing there waiting on us, greeted us at the door. We were overcome with the feeling of peace.

A very nice man who works at MD Anderson, that is a friend of a friend of my father’s, was there to greet us. Word had gotten to them that we were coming.

Texaco Gas Pump Crown
He told Kevin that He was coming to the best place. He asked us if we remembered a long time ago when you could pull up to the Texaco station and someone take care of your gas, another attendant would clean your windshield, and another check your oil and tires. He said, “Son, you have pulled into the Texaco station. We are going to be all over you.”

We all melted into a puddle.

They weren’t kidding. Within the next hour, Kevin was evaluated and IV fluids and ports were created.

We met with our Dr. that we had previously spoken with on the phone that is the lead Oncologist dealing with testicular cancer daily here at MD Anderson. There was alot of information that he relayed to us. I am sure we only grasped 25% of it all but we did continue to hear the words CURABLE. That was huge!

Kevin is beginning his first round of chemo treatments during the night time hours. We will get these meds for 6 days. I don’t understand all the particulars but I know that they do. That is where we are taking baby steps in this journey.

We know we will be out here through the first two rounds of chemo and then they will do scans to make sure there is no other issues. We can not plan beyond that.

We will at some point have the testicle removed and the mass of swollen lymph nodes around his spine and aorta removed as well. This very well could happen after all 4 rounds of chemo.

They will do a brain scan on Monday just to check out every area of his body where the lymph nodes could have been affected.
This is a major area of pray that the Body of Christ can lift up.

These chemo treatments will have some nausea with it along with hair loss. He is receiving nausea meds to try to counter act this.

We are walking deep with Jesus.

For some, you may not know. This type of trial is not new to us. Ten years ago this month I spent 49 days down at Shands dealing with Pancreatitis. I brushed the door of death two times. Lots of scary moments. Lots.

God RADICALLY HEALED ME! I mean like from all medical points of view I should have been toast! But God had other plans. He had something bigger in store. We have been reminded of that everyday for the last 10 years.

HEALING HAPPENS! Like 100%! Great medical facilities are a big proponent of this but without question in our minds…we serve a MIGHTY GOD!

I told Kevin on Thursday as we were waiting on results and doctors calls, God just wants us to wear each other’s t-shirts.

I remember getting jealous that Kevin could walk out of the hospital and go get something to eat while I was laid up with constant tubing hooked up and actually I couldn’t get out of the bed (Kevin can.). I also didn’t have anything touch my mouth (food or drink) for 6 weeks.

There were lessons that he learned during those days, and lessons that I learned as well. We are now walking in each others shoes. I don’t like these shoes I am wearing and Kevin doesn’t like the hospital gowns he is wearing. *smile*

Prayer specifics:
* no/low nausea with chemo treatments
* rest for Kevin while he is not doing treatments.
* God’s peace for Kevin as we walk through the process one step at a time.
* protection for our girls
* wisdom and growth in faith with our girls. (we are already seeing signs of how God is pouring out His Word to them!)
* patience for each step

Thank you to everyone that is praying. We have without a doubt felt the prayers of the Body of Christ. Keep them coming! Don’t stop! Please forward these updates to anyone or have them sign up to receive the updates through email by subscribing above. Your comments are what are encouraging us to the core!

Supernatural occurrences are happening around the clock and I hope to have more time to share these later.

God is amazing and we are wanting to just bring glory to God through all of this. Here is another song we are playing the gizzards out of around here!



  1. I have just read your email to Allan and we can hardly believe that it has been ten years since your illness. I remember like it was yesterday when I got the call to come and be with Carson at your moms house in case Diane had to drive her to the hospital and I would stay with that beautiful baby girl!! God has once again taken over the reins in the healing process of Kevin. Our job is to follow his lead and take the peace that only He can give us in times like these. Allan and I are praying for Kevin’s healing andsoon return home. Love, Nell

  2. Continuing to pray fir both of you, for your family here at home, and for the physicians whose hands God is using to slay the beast that is engaged in war against Kevin’s flesh. “Our God is greater, our God is healer, our God is higher than any other!”. Waiting with great anticipation to see all that God is going to do in and through you! Thanks for the updates, thanks for sharing your heart, and for continually lifting up the name of the Lord! You are loved and prayed for!

  3. Dear ones, I have just recently subscribed to your blog and am so thankful that I did so. I am praying for each of you, as well as the wonderful MD Anderson staff who will be attending to Kevin’s needs. Just now shared your blog on my FB page.
    I am reminded of El Roi–the God who sees you.
    Carol S

  4. Glen and I prayed with First Methodist fellowship this morning, will keep you in daily prayer.

  5. Dearest Amy, I want to receive your blog so I can keep up with what is going on with you and Kevin at M.D. Anderson. I so well remember ten years ago when you were very sick, and the emails Kevin sent us so we could keep up with you. Now, it’s your turn. I will be praying. You are such a dear, strong woman of God. I love you and will want to know each step of the way. BJ Funk

  6. Amy,
    We are keeping up with the developments of Kevin’s situation and will be praying for all of you. If there is anything I can do to help out please give my name to whoever is handling these things to contact me if there is a need. Your faith and trust are inspiration to all of us. Bless you as you walk through this trial. Love you,
    Linda Sparks

  7. Continung to pray for you Kevin and the girls. Glad to hear your dad is with you and you don’t have to walk this journey by yourself. Thiking and praying daily Rachel

  8. Praying for Kevin, yourself, and your family Amy. I know our almighty God is hearing these prayers. Thank you for the updates and prayer request. So many people are in prayer for Kevin. Gods Blessings to you both. Shelly

  9. Dear Amy:
    Shannon and I offer our prayers for Kevin to have strength and courage during his treatment, and for healing. We also pray for all those doctors, nurses and other caregivers who devote their lives to the care of cancer patients.
    Joe and Shannon Mares

  10. Praying for both of you and your families. I currently have a dear friends 23 year old daughter that is at MD Anderson undergoing treatment for triple negative breast cancer. My brother in law was recently evaluated after surgery for a very rare testicular cancer at MD Anderson. Awesome place to be with amazing physicians. Appreciate the updates. I only recently joined your list and look forward to following your journey and seeing what God is doing in your lives.

  11. Hey Amy and Kevin-
    You are covered in prayers to the Almighty. Praying for the doctors, nurses and all caregivers. You know, I think THEY will also receive blessings by helping Kevin (and you)! You are not alone!
    Love yall-

  12. Hello Amy and Kevin! I will bein constant prayer for you both and your girls. I have looked up to you both spiritually over the years and I know God will not give you something you cannot handle. He will be with you every step of the way. Love to you both!

  13. Praying for both of you Amy and Kevin, and for your girls! Praying for complete and absolute healing by His hands! God’s got this!

  14. Colin and I will be praying for Kevin, you and your girls and your families. I just found this today. I pray for a complete healing. I know our God is the great healer. I am so glad that someone is there with you and you don’t have to walk this journey alone. Praying for a cease of nausea and for God to give him the strength and courage he needs through the following weeks and months.
    We are looking forward to following your journey and praying with you. God’s blessings to you both,

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