A Change in our Steps

Fence friday...country road

One thing I have learned in the last few years is to be flexible to change. Especially when it happens without notice.

I used to not like change – it would ruffle my britches.  I have tried to be a little more easy-going when plans get changed.  It is something that God wanted to change in me.

Today, we were headed to Atlanta to Emory on a track to meet with a great doctor.  God had other plans in store.  We began having discussions with a doctor at MD Anderson out in Houston, Texas along with our Oncologist in Valdosta.  This was a miracle that we found a connection with someone out there in the first place!

It was felt that the plan to operate immediately was not the right choice which is where we were possibly headed when we arrived at Emory.  We needed a team of urologist, oncologists and vascular specialists that could be on board all at the same time.  MD Anderson can provide that immediately.  I mean, like, they told us that we would have that as soon as we walked through the door.

Therefore…we are headed out to Houston, Texas Saturday morning and will begin treatment immediately with the team approach on board from the very beginning.  Kevin will actually begin chemo treatments to diminish the tumor and swollen lymph nodes.  This will be done while being monitored by all those specialists.

Our trip today was part of the plan.  It gave us time to process.  Praise Him.  Actually hear God tell us the next steps.  Discussions were had in that car that needed to happen.

Ok…let me interject something that God showed me today too.  People were using the word...cancer.  

I couldn’t make the words come out.  Especially at the same time of talking about the love of my life.

It’s time I come face to face with this and tell you…Kevin has testicular cancer.

Whew!  I said it.  I am also going to continue to tell you that we are constantly being encouraged at how curable this is.  God is in the midst of this.  I have done some serious warfare with the enemy and told Him TO LEAVE US ALONE!  GET OUT!  AND DON’T SHOW YOURSELF AGAIN.

You know we have that authority as believers.  Don’t you be afraid to use it either.

We feel a peace about this decision.  In fact, we see God’s hand all over it.  There are so many details that I would love to have the time to share but realistically… I can’t.

Just know that your prayers are more powerful than you can ever imagine.  God is moving mountains that have been there for a long time!  It is so incredible to watch it all happen.

Pray for:

* Safe travel through all exchanges of transportation.

*  Pray for our girls as they process this whole thing.  They have weak moments too.  Pray for grandparents, friends and neighbors as they entertain them.

*  Pray for clarity for the doctors as we arrive tomorrow at 3:30pm Texas Time.

*  Pray for revelation as to what God is wanting to teach us through this.  I don’t want to miss it.

*  Small, silly prayer….pray for our dog.  One week ago today she was hurt while running on our property and has about 40-50 stitches but the most horrible thing is this CONE that she has around her head. (don’t smile! )  This is where I see that God has a sense of humor through all of this.  Caring for a man is tough… but a dog with a cone collar is another story!

We love each and every one of you. Our entire family thanks you for all your encouraging words – you have no idea how this carries us.  Especially from those that we don’t even know. Humm…the tears fall so freely.  We were a puddle today reading all of your sweet words!  Power was unleashed.

One last thing I wanted to share with you was that our girls and I are starting a gratitude journal together that we can share with each other when we call and talk or Skype during the week.  That is a teaching that I have learned from Ann Voscamp’s blog that I believe God intended us to “catch on to during this time”.    When you are praising God for even the smallest things – the big ones don’t seem so overwhelming.

I will try to update as time allows in the next couple of days.

Just keep praying!  God hears!  God loves the praises of His Children!

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  1. You all have been heavy on my heart today.. & I have prayed all day..& am asking everyone that I know to pray! I hope you don’t mind that I am sharing your blog.. You are an inspiration to so many bc of your unwavering faith in our Almighty God..Sustainer..Prince of Peace. Covering you all in prayer!

  2. Praise God for the team of physicians that can give Kevin the treatment he needs! Praying for each of your requests, even the injured, cone-headed dog! Praying for an amazing faith-journey for you and your love and for your sweet girls–while no one would choose these circumstances, God is already working in and through you, to strengthen you for what is to come, and to inspire those of us lifting you up–we see your trust and love for God, and it is beautiful!
    With love and prayers,

  3. AMY….I am covering your family in prayer. You are an amazing,strong woman and you have the faith and strength to be right beside your sweet husband through this. GOD has you both (and your sweet girls) in the palm of his hand. I wiill be praying you through this..if I can help with your girls in ANY way..you know I am just basically across the road from yall! Hold tight to the hem of His gatment. He is in control! SENDING LOVE,HUGS,AND PRAYERS!!!

  4. Amy-
    Many prayers for you and your family. My ex-husband had testicular cancer and has now been cancer free for 5 years. All my love,
    Liz Fraleigh

  5. Amy and Kevin, I am praying for you both. I know the faith you have and the strength the Lord will provide during this season. He will be glorified thru this journey and many people will see Him through the both of you and will have the opportunity to come to know Him or come to know Him at a deeper level and closer walk as a result. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Reside and rest in the promises of Psalm 91 which provides assurance in His presence, His protection, His peace, His prospective, His provision, and His power. As I was praying yesterday when I read the first blog posted about Kevin, the thought came to me, I remember the first time I met Kevin on my first day of work over 14 years ago, my first impression of him was he was a man of faith and through the years of working with him and being friends with you and him I never thought anything different and what a great example he has been through some stressful times of not only unwavering faith but continuing to grow in his faith through each trial and challenge he faces.
    Love, Cynamon

  6. Bill and I stopped to pray immediately for this whole situation. I praise God for His faithfulness. I can’t imagine what you all must be feelings, but I know we will be faithful in prayer as you walk through. If we can do more, please just say the word. I love you, sweet friend, and I am eager to see how God will use this.

  7. Thinking of you,Kevin and the girls. God’s grace will be with you and care for you as you travel to Texas. I will continue to pray for for your family and the doctors that treat Kevin. Love to all of you.

  8. Praying for you and your family! The team approach/careful evaluation at MD Anderson sounds like an awesome plan!

  9. Amy, So I know God hears our prayers no matter where we are but for some reason I feel a need to send this to my friends & family who live in Texas… just so I know someone “near” is praying for you guys AND if they are driving by MD Anderson maybe raise their hand out & pray on your behalf. Will be praying for wisdom, discernment and travel mercies. Hugs

  10. Amy, God has brought you to my (menopausal) mind several times over the last hours…that’s something of a miracle that He would keep you and Kevin so near the surface for me. I take it as proof that you are on HIS mind! You’ll be in my neck of the woods down here in the deep south…and I’ll be praying your travels are easy and the days at MD Anderson will profitable and manageable and successful for Kevin.

  11. Amy, Kevin and your three Princesses,
    I’m praying with my family for all of you, we are catholics and we pray the Holy Rosary every day. I don’t know you and weather you are catholic or not but we have a lot of faith in the power of The Holy Rosary and hope you don’t mind my prayers. I once read a book about the happiness that praise brings us, the priest who wrote it says we have to thank The Lord for everything that happens, even for pain and illness. I was in bed and couldn’t stand up for the pain in my leg was too hard and thought the priest was kind of mad or somthing but decided to give it a try and since that I have tried it myself and I am sure that God never let us win and when He finds someone who thanks Him for everthing He makes big miracles for us to believe. I was able to walk a short time after that, the pain stopped and even though it comes from time to time it is not that hard, I still thank The Lord for it and offer it in atonement for my sins and the sins of the whole world. Sorry if I talked too much! God Bless you all in His Divine Will!

  12. Kevin/Amy,
    just saw your posts… I am praying for you both and your extended family. God is in control and will lead you through this.

  13. Amy, Judy and I are praying regularly for you and Kevin cofident that our God knows your evey need and will be with you every step you take through this valley. God Bless, Bill and Judy – TMC

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