Kitchen Table Revival Continues

In my last post I shared with you about how I was meeting God in a different place this January. My Kitchen Table.

It was at my kitchen table again that I began again this month to see the Holy Spirit stir among the Body of Christ. You know…the Big “C” Church as some would call it.

Starting on the 11th of January and continuing on for 12 days there began the Code Orange Revival at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a church that I have been connected to for about 4 years through attending the church several times when I was in the Charlotte area, as well as through faithfully listening to the podcasts of their services.

I’ll never forget 4 years ago when I heard Steven Furtick at Catalyst. I could feel in my gut – this was something big that God was doing through their church. It was just a nudging from the Holy Spirit that stirred in my soul to start to listen to this young pastor’s teachings.

Words cannot express fully how those teachings have gripped me and challenged me in learning the Word of God like never before.

Reaching out beyond the pews of your own church is good. I would recommend it. But being faithful and committed to a local body of believers is also paramount in your walk with Jesus. This message was encouraged all throughout the revival in Charlotte.

Elevation decided to do something WAY OUT OF THE BOX! They decided to bring in 11 pastors from all over the country that would come in an lead his congregation for 11 nights and their very own Pastor would do the last night. These messages would be what set the stage for this church in 2012.

Then, they took it to a different level. {This is where I experienced it!} They broadcasted the revival LIVE through the internet so that others could “attend”. That is exactly what my family did. Except, we didn’t have to find a parking place, wait in long lines and we could listen from that same kitchen table while eating dinner each night…in our PJ’s!

This church has always had the mindset that everything they do – they try to give it away for free. Now, you have to admit… that mindset is different from what is usually done in this culture. It took a lot of dedication and commitment from their staff and from the thousands of volunteers that were needed to put on this large of an event each night for 12 nights! It was no small task.

It radically spoke to me about the people in this church. They don’t mess around either…just like those college kids from Passion that I spoke on in the last post. They will do whatever it takes so that those that are far from God will be raised to life with Christ. Even it means walking outside the box.

I like that thinking!

If you missed the live feed online then it was replayed 3 times in the next 24 hour period. You can now download the revival nights through iTunes for FREE!

You know someone once said recently, If you want something bad enough, you will make it priority. Hearing the Word of God for my family is a priority. Being radical of making time to go outside the lines of the common way of doing things.

We set up the computer at one end of the table and my girls would watch intently the worship portion of the service as well as most nights, the sermon. It was such a precious site.

I wanted to share today the video of a recap of the entire 12 days. I think you will get the intensity from which the Holy Spirit flowed. On Pastor Steven Furtick’s blog post today – he shares some of the images from the 12 days. There is also a video that you need to be sure to watch! ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL! I think you will understand after watching it why I am so pumped about the teaching I received.

Friends… God is moving like a mighty rushing wind and I want to be sure I am in the middle of it. Will you come join me?

Don’t forget you can download all the podcasts – whether audio or video for FREE here! Check it out!

Reaching for More of Christ!

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