Tenderly He Gives

Today I am beginning a new adventure. This next year on Friday’s, I have decided to begin sharpening my writing skills by linking up with Gypsy Mama on her Five Minute Friday Link ups. Here is how it works. I have five minutes to write about a topic that she puts out there. No revisions, retypes, corrections or such. Believe me, jumping into this will push me to write more from the Heart of God and not myself. So please show grace as I put it out there.



Today I am at home tenderly caring for one of my children that is under the weather. My routine changes over night.

I think God is teaching me to be flexible. I am learning that sometimes I need to change my day’s expectations when I am needed to care for those that need me today. Whether it be a child, a family member or a friend.

Before rolling out of the bed this morning while it was still so early, I hear God tenderly saying, “this is your chance to love on this little one today. Make her feel special and confirming in her that you are here to gently take care of all of her needs. Just use this time to sit with her and catch up on your reading with Me.”

So I eagerly… sit here with her… assuring her that I am here to help her get better.

Isn’t that what God does with us? Tenderly speaking to us when we are willing to shut down the busy world around us.

The word Tender in the dictionary means “Showing gentleness and concern or sympathy.”

Jesus is showing gentleness and concern for me everyday – am I doing it for those around me?

I have a garden that is calling me to begin my spring preparations for plantings. If I don’t prepare now then those tender shoots won’t be protected and grow strong. When you do a search through the Bible on the word Tender you get the following verse.

Deuteronomy 32:2
Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.

I am that tender plant that is desiring to hear from God and be nourished by His Word today.




  1. That’s sometimes one of the hardest things to remember as a parent – that our purpose for the day isn’t jobs, timelines, phone calls and more – it’s simply being their for kids and loving them like they’re the only people in the world.

    It’s easy to make excuses and say, “Well all this work stuff – I’m doing it for them…” But they could care less about it – they just want to know we’re there for them.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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