Two Different Extremes

I have come to the fact that there are two extreme thoughts that are circling around in today’s world.

1- The world is crashing, coming to an end. People are swimming in thoughts of negativity.
* The public school systems are going to pot.
* The stock market is going to get worse before it gets better – we haven’t even seen it at its worse.
* People are loosing their jobs and their homes due to this crazy market.
* People are farther away from Jesus.

2 – God is moving more powerfully than He ever has.
* People are receiving Christ and pouring into the churches to get discipled like never before.
* Healing’s and Miracles are being experienced more than ever.
* With increased means of technology, the Word of God is traveling to places that we never thought imaginable.
* The next generation will see Jesus in their lifetime and with their child-like faith – mountains are being moved.

I can choose to be in one camp… or the other.

Many days, I want to just throw up my hands and quit! I want to separate my sweet little family from it all and hide out in our own little world so that they don’t have to be slapped with hearing the negativity that encamps around those in the first category I mentioned.

Then I realize that God told us that we are called to be IN THE WORLD but NOT OF THE WORLD! Some days, I ask God, “Now how exactly is that suppose to look? Because I think some days I am missing the boat on this one!”

Do you ever get this way?

In spending some one on one time with God, it seems He is bringing me back to some basics. Here are some thoughts that might be encouraging to you too.

1 – Spend time with Jesus early in the morning so that He can fill you up with His Word and when the world tries to come at you with the negativity (because it will)- you are alert enough and filled with the good stuff to rebuke it. Oh, and here is a note…You will sometimes have to FIGHT for this time. Remember, the enemy does not want you to grow spiritually. It totally ruins his game plan.

2 – Let our Praises be heard by God Almighty. Begin speaking out loud thanksgiving for the blessings that are around you. You can begin with thanking God for the breath that you are breathing right now. You don’t know how important it is until you don’t have it.

3 – Hang out and fellowship with other believers, whether friends or family, that genuinely love Jesus and encourage you in your walk with Christ. Sitting by the water cooler with those that want to gripe about everything that is going on, but don’t want to do something about it is totally useless. Be a leader, set the example to not swim in that camp of negativity. Find others that will encourage you. Ask God to show you those friends…He wants to provide that for you.

4 – Find scripture that you can meditate on day and night! Write in on index cards and put them in strategic places that will catch your eye.

Psalm 25:1 “Unto you oh Lord, I bring my life.”

Psalm 57:1-2Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy!
I look to you for protection.
I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings
until the danger passes by.

2 I cry out to God Most High,
to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.

This song by Royal Tailor has danced around in my mind for several weeks. It puts a smile on my face as I sing it. I found the video of these young whipper-snappers that have such a joy in seeking God’s mercy and asking Him to Hold us together during the midst of this life. Some days, this is my cry..”Just hold me together.”


One comment

  1. Great message! Life is a fine balance and He will keep us in His middle lane to keep us from falling if we tune into His GPS (God’s Perfect Signal) every morning.

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