The Day My World Changed

Do you have dates that are forever stamped in your mind?

May 13th…Is a date that will ever be forever ingrained in my mind. No, it’s not my birthday, nor anyone in my family’s. It’s not my anniversary either.

It’s the day in my life that my world changed. For several years, God had been preparing me for that day.

May 13th was the day that I became violently ill with a simple gall stone that got lodged in the crevices of my bile duct. This moment in time when my intricate body, that is made and fashioned by God, decided to not work properly.

It amazes me at how something so small can turn your world upside down in a flat second. But it did for me.

Carson, my second daughter, was only 2 weeks old. Kevin was headed out for a day long of very important meetings at work. During the day I became ill and began vomiting all day.

At lunch, I went to the doctor and was given medicine for reflux. Something down deep inside of me told me that was not what the problem was.

By 3pm, I was phoning Kevin to come home immediately. This was very unusual for me to take this step of action.

By 5am the next morning, I had become a puddle on the bathroom floor. We finally decided to head to the emergency room. Of course with our precious infant in tow.

Kevin dropped me off at the door of the emergency room – got me taken back immediately and took Carson to my mother’s house with baby formula in tow. Let me just say, that it was fortunate that we had the formula in the house because I had never let it grace the lips of her mouth…yet.

Before Kevin returned, they had determined that I needed an emergency procedure to have the gall stone removed.

When the doctors came in to tell me what they were going to do I can remember being at the end of my rope. I was afraid, alone and desperate to get the pain to go away.

After that….I don’t remember much at all for the next 48 hours.

I am utterly amazed at how God protects us when we are hurting the most. Of course, it is easiest to see that after the fact. But looking back is a reminder for me every time how the hands of my Heavenly Father protecting us (my family) and became our advocate in our greatest time of need.

During the next 50 days, when God was protecting me, I had several people who God used as angels enter into our lives to aid in this journey Kevin and I were now embarking on. God had been preparing not only us but others through this journey that we were going to walk through life and death.

I would like to share with you about these angels for the next couple of posts. Real people angels and heavenly angels that graced my life when we thought it might end.

I pray that these memories will bless you in the coming days.

Here is a song that will wet your appetite about the miraculous power of God’s Healing. It’s another one by Christy Nockels.

Have a great weekend!

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