Pieces That Do Fit


Have you ever had one of those moments that you thought…

“What am I doing?”

“Where am I going?”

“What does all this matter?”

Many times life can become very complicated. Mine sure does. Like…seriously!

We visited a science museum recently and saw an IMAX movie about space and the Hubble Telescope.

WHOA! My mind had such a hard time just barely grasping what those pictures were showing me. All those stars, galaxies, planets, space…and more space.

Our God is so incredibly HUGE that He created all of that! And many days, I question what I am doing? Really!?

At the same time, I marvel at the fact that He hears my prayers. He knows my thoughts before I even speak them.

All those pieces about my life that I seem to question. Wonder where He is taking me and what He is teaching me.

I have hit a time in my heart in the last week where I am having to stop. Smell the fresh fall air. Begin to shout out to God the Thankfulness in my heart for WHO He has made me to be.

All the pieces.

All the broken parts.

I realized that I am a sinful human being that is saved by the total GRACE of Jesus Christ. I don’t have to be anything or anyone other than what He has called me to be…Me…Amy.

There is a sense of freedom in that. A place where I can relax and know that He holds all my pieces.

I have to remember that God holds all the bad pieces too…the ones where I can’t complete anything on my “to-do list.” The dirty pieces of my life where the dust bunny conventions are continually happening in my house. The pieces of times when I grit my teeth and holler like a bono-fide redneck at my children, and the pieces of my life where my desk looks like Satan had a nervous breakdown. {I could go on and on with this list.}

But, then I realize that there are those good pieces…the ones where I have a clean home, healthy dinner on the table by a certain time, always an available, listening friend to another. The pieces of my life when there are quiet moments that I spend giving encouragement to my husband and my children, and of course…never raising my voice or opinion at another!

These pieces don’t make me perfect…they just make me…ME.

The me He made me to be. The me that wants to totally surrender at His feet and scream, “I can’t do it all…and I need you more than i need the breath that I breathe.”

Resting in who He is.

I heard a song recently that made me breathe long and relaxed…I hope you will like it. The words are powerful. Here is just a few that stuck with me.

“Give Him your wounds, your bruised and broken pieces
All your questions, all your secrets
You don’t have to hide who you are
You belong to someone greater
Than all your past mistakes and failures
Rested who He is
He knows how to make your pieces fit”

Giving all the Pieces to God~ I hope you will too.


  1. Broken pieces fashioned by God… a lovely mosaic. I have the t-shirt, literally. I love the concept of visualizing Him, holding all the pieces of me… the good, the bad and the downright UGLY. I love that He holds them all so dear to Him. He loves me where I am, so I can rest in that.

    I love you, sweet friend.

  2. Hello, Ms. Amy…i have followed you consistently and then on and off, but it always prevails I am truly Blessed my your posts. This one in particular because I struggle with ME, and much as I love me some ME, its hard being ME. But I will rest on who HE is and the ME HE made ME to be, ALL the pieces. God Bless you and your sweet wonderful family!

  3. Amy, a bit late in commenting on this post you published in October, but really really glad for your reminder that God loves all the pieces in my puzzle – both the good and not so good. Thanks for sharing!

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