Things Daniel Prayed

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“Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.” Daniel 6:10b (NIV)

I was on the phone recently with an out-of-town friend telling her the occurrences of what had happened in my life from Sunday – Monday evening. She laughed hysterically and said, “Amy, the things that God takes you through are just WILD!”

Well, I am not sure “wild” would be the adjective that I would use, but I’ll just say we are learning a lot about walking with Jesus no matter what happens.


Recently, we had finished up a very blessed visit with my in-laws and were on our way home {a some 9-10 hour trip with 3 daughters} when half way home our transmission decided that it just couldn’t go any further…and so it didn’t.

As we sat in the Starbuck’s parking lot, {which was registering 95 degrees} on this particular Sunday afternoon for 2 hours, trying to figure out how to get help {in any way}, everything inside of my husband Kevin and I wanted to panic, be disgusted and even say a few choice words.

In the middle of the southern heat, on the day of the week that many repair places don’t open their doors much less answer the phone, I heard a whisper.

You have a choice here in how you handle this.

Daniel did that too.

Of course, you should have seen Kevin’s face when I told him that God was wanting to teach us something through this. {It was more of a smirk than a smile.}

Now, I need to reverse just a bit and tell you that all of this just came on the heels of just having my home air conditioning unit replaced {which is no candy store purchase} as well as the lighting panel in our home replaced since it had been hit by lightning a couple of weeks ago.

God was still calling us to praise Him and seek out how we would allow Him to use this with our faith in a God that cares about the little and the big.

God did something simple but great during this trip for me.

He started to show me the conversations with the car rental lady. How I was able to help her in her distress with a sick husband who was suffering from pancreatitis; a sickness that almost took my life 11 years ago. I was able to offer her wisdom, a kind word and even a prayer.

I saw the provision that God had over our little family as we were able to find a hotel that was comfortable and clean for the night. Something as small as a tow truck, a rental car and a good meal was provided in the midst of what we could look at as an inconvenience and burden.

I saw the bonding and memory moments that our family would walk away from this opportunity with. {Priceless}

I saw the God moments to teach my children through this inconvenience.

I saw Jesus in our midst.

Daniel did that.

Now, weeks later while drinking my coffee this morning, I read this devotional with Proverbs 31 Ministries that I call home in so many ways.

I also read this story from my friend Lysa Terkeurst. The ways that this ministry answers to the cost of the call challenges me.

It struck me hard when I started to consider the cost of the call that God has on me. The call for me to be that light that chose to see Jesus through our broken down car…through paying our recent bills…through the sweat and the tears of just being a mama and a wife

When God calls us to answer to the cost of the call that He has placed on our lives…we need to pray like Daniel did…with prayers of praise and adoration.


I am asking dear friends that you look at this ministry of Proverbs 31 and consider the cost of the call that they are doing to minister to women all across the world through devotions, books, speakers, conferences and online Bible studies. This is a ministry that has gotten me out of the pit on so many days.

Daniel considered the cost of the call. Won’t you?

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  1. You are correct. Your family will look back on this, and your response is the one you will want them to have seen. I admire you, my friend.

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