God is Bigger


As with everyone in the last week, our family has also processed lots of emotions regarding the Connecticut shootings. Horrific, unimaginable and gut wrenching.

I am not going to even begin to give my take on the whole event or how the media or congress is handling it all. I don’t think my opinion is necessary.

I praise God; however, that He immediately led me to a blog place that I have been following and learning so much from in the last couple of months. I found Godly wisdom in this gal’s post.

More To Be – is a precious place in the blogger world that gives encouragement to Mom’s. I would love for you to go and read this short, but packed with powerful post that Elisa wrote. Even though she writes for the Mom’s out there that are leading their children to seek Jesus more – Men could also benefit from reading the wisdom that God has given her to share.Just click here – (but come back because I have something else to share.)

I pray that you were impacted by reading how this one woman’s heart has been changed by the events in her life to see things through a different perspective when dealing with grief. This particular thought that Elisa wrote resonated with me.

    “I think the greatest risk in the face of a trauma — however close to home or far from our own reality — is grabbing onto a processing method and forcing it upon one another. While we each need to go through the stages of grief, how that looks will be unique to our personality and spiritual and emotional maturity.”

I have learned that my processing method may look different from my husband’s. It may look different from my children’s. It doesn’t mean that they are wrong or I am wrong – we are just in different places. And that is ok.

I do know that I found great comfort in hearing the words over and over as I read this…

God is Bigger Than This!

We had a chance as a family to get away for a couple of days and just retreat as a family. Getting away from the house was stressful. {Isn’t that always the case?!} But 30 minutes into our drive, God’s peace came all over us. I knew this was the right decision for us to get away and regroup to prepare our hearts to receive Christ during this season.

We listened to an audio CD of the testimony of a family here locally that has walked through this tough road of cancer.

Their experience has been horrific, yet God so graciously and eloquently kept them in the most powerful intimate place close to Him as they made their journey, step by step.

The power that they gained as they worshipped, fasted, sought Godly counsel, and constantly stayed at the feet of Jesus was worth gold to them. They could look back and see God’s hand in every detail. Nothing was left untouched by the Master’s hand. So many times it is the looking back that brings such great perspective.

They didn’t always hear the earthly results that they wanted to hear. Their hearts would tear to pieces each time they received bad news. They would pick up the pieces and keep going with what they knew to be true…the Word of God.

Kevin and I gleaned so much from hearing about their ups and downs, how they processed it, and what God taught them. We teared up as we listened to their story because we could relate on so many levels to the vast array of feelings that they went through. The roller coaster feelings.

Healing did come to this couple in such a powerful and beautiful way. But it had a cost.

They turned their hearts toward a very powerful and mighty God. They gave their entire hearts to a God that is bigger.

I hope Kevin and I can meet this incredible couple soon. Their story inspired us to continue to look for God in all our ups and downs. We see Him daily; however, within anything else in life we get engulfed by the world and its glories rather than our Father’s.

There are times when healing looks totally different, I don’t deny that.

I have experienced this too.

Last night as I got in my car to run a quick errand I was in the car by myself {rare moment!} and this song came on and I just sat in the parking lot letting the words sink in. Especially, after hearing my friend’s testimony that day.

I haven’t wanted to even acknowledge the words to this song. I wasn’t there yet in my spiritual walk. When it would come on the radio I would turn down the volume.

These are thoughts that we don’t discuss in our house…the “what-if’s”.

I wanted to be different. I want healing to come. {And Praise God it has!}

But last night, in the quietness of my car, God spoke gently and assured me these words are a precious place to be in the sight and hand of God. I need not be afraid of speaking them. God is bigger and he is good.

These are the words that sunk deep in my spirit.

    Even if the healing doesn’t come
    And life falls apart
    And dreams are still undone
    You are God You are good
    Forever faithful One
    Even if the healing
    Even if the healing doesn’t come

    Lord we know your ways are not our ways
    So we set our faith in who You are
    Even though You reign high above us
    You tenderly love us
    We know Your heart
    And we rest in who You are

    You’re still the Great and Mighty One
    We trust You always
    You’re working all things for our good
    We’ll sing your praise

My Father is still working me. In us. Healing comes in so many different forms.

I don’t want to miss any of it that He has for me.

{If you are receiving this post through email you can click here for the youtube video}

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