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This morning We will be heading out to Houston to meet with our surgeon for our post-op appointment to the surgery that Kevin had 6 weeks ago.

Again…we don’t want to go.

The smell of the airplane fuel and the city of Houston will always remind me of this cancer journey.

This is when it is hardest on my girls. They know we are coming back, but just the separation of our family is hard on them. They don’t like it one bit either.

Today, we are doing a repeat. We are getting on that airplane and going to praise God for all the bountiful blessings He has lavished on us this year! {At least this is what I am going to try to focus on!}

We verbally list those blessings quite frequently around here. We want to see the hand of God even when Satan would rather distract us to other things.

My last post was on the hope that God sometimes gives in the last hour. He ignites the hope in our hearts. His Holy Spirit does the igniting.

I have had to read and reread that post for myself. See, I write in this small place so that I can be encouraged too. These words are not just because I have everything figured out. And I think when we think we do have it all figured out…God scrambles the pieces to the puzzle so that we look to Him and not ourselves.

That is why today I wanted to quickly share with you what God repeated this morning in my devotional. The Big Guy is doing lots of repeats in my Bible reading. Look whose story popped up again… Jairus and his daughter.

I must have more to learn.

The following is from Joseph Prince’s devotional today…ironic? No, just God.

    “In spite of our best intentions, we often find ourselves too busy to do what we’d like to for people. We may be bound by time, but Jesus, the one who created time, is not. He always has time for each one of us!

Even in His earthly ministry, in His limited form as Man, He always had time to minister to people. Consider a typical day in His ministry: When a severely demon-possessed man cried out from the tombs of a distant region, He had time to sail all the way from Galilee to the country of the Gadarenes to save that lonely, tormented man. On the way there, He had time to respond to the cries of His disciples when a fierce storm arose. He awoke from a much-deserved sleep and calmed the storm for them.

After He saved the demonized man and returned to Galilee, another man, Jairus, came to him for help. Jairus’ 12-year-old daughter was dying and he begged Jesus to come to his house to heal her. Jesus agreed—He had time. But on His way there, a woman with a 12-year bleeding condition touched the hem of His garment and received her healing. Though Jairus’ daughter was in the throes of death, Jesus had time to find out who had touched Him, just so that He could minister to the woman.

While Jesus was ministering to her, He received a death report concerning Jairus’ daughter. Now, in the natural, Jesus was “too late.” Yet, He did not consider it a waste of time to encourage Jairus, “Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well” (Luke 8:49–50). He wasn’t troubled or harried. He still took time to go to Jairus’ house and raised the little girl from the dead.

My friend, this same loving Jesus always has time for you. He hears your cries, cares about the little and big things that bother you, and will come and save you. Even when He’s “busy,” He has time to stop and minister to you. And even when it seems “too late,” He will still see to it that you get your miracle!”

God has time for me. God hears my cries, and wants to minister to me. He wants to do the same for you too.

I pray this encourages you today.

Please pray for safe travels as well as strength for Kevin. Traveling is hard. We are hanging onto God’s supernatural strength!

God’s Got This!

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  1. Amy and Kevin, My prayers are with you. God uses us in such amazing ways. This past year has been a time of waiting for me. Waiting and waiting. God sent me your blog to encourge me and to let me know to just wait, that He is there, He has a plan, and He cares. I wake up a winner every day and so anxious to see what God has planned. Thank you for sharing your walk. It truly is a help.

    • Thanks Martha for your encouraging words! Ha! I think there will be extra jewels in our crowns in heaven for those of us that have been through the waiting! Bless you!

  2. Thanks Amy for this encouragement. I have been wondering lately “if He hears my cries”. Your words are very timely and specific to the cries of my heart. Since I am AT your destination today, I will be praying for your time here and for the “report”. God has already read it however. Sometimes I just wish He’d give us the information early. But, He is always on time. Never early. Never late. God bless you and Kevin and your sweet girls! ❤ Candace

  3. Amy & Kevin,
    We are praying for you and the girls. Thanks for your “repeated” words! I needed to hear them…sometimes I think God has to repeat them because we or I have a hard time listening, because I am so caught up with my problems and fixing them myself, usually! He just wants us to lean on him and allow him to take the lead ahead of us and for us to follow. You are a blessing!

  4. Prayers for safe travels and a great check up!

    So grateful for our God who does not grow weary!! Thanks for the beautiful reminder. His love never fails and never gives up. It never runs out on us!!

    Love you!

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