Igniting Hope


    Matthew 12:20 “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he has brought justice through to victory.”

“Have you ever noticed that Jesus does some of His finest work in our lives when all hope is almost gone.”

This quote leaped off the page the other day when I read it. The article intrigued me immensely. God showed me a very important truth.

I have felt like I have been at the bottom of the barrel of hope in my lifetime. I just chose not stay there… because I knew God is a God of hope.

I have even asked God the question “Why me?” Sometimes He doesn’t answer. But recently, God actually replies when I ask Him this pungent question. And He says every time, “because I want to bring My Glory through your family’s story.”

I love Mark’s account of the story of Jairus and Jesus healing his daughter. I have been up digging into the Word in the early morning hours sitting at my kitchen table for about a week over this entire story. I’ve asked lots more questions of God as He began to reveal more of His heart.

Jairus was a synagogue official that came to Jesus in a desperate state to seek out healing with his only daughter, who was on the verge of death. Jairus was struggling to keep hope alive, and Jesus was his final hope.

Jairus was bold. He struck out to seek for the one that could help him. He gave an invitation for Jesus to come to his house and pray for his daughter and Jesus accepted! As Jesus was walking with him on that road to Jairus’ house, crowds were pressing in on all sides. Then, there was an interruption in the journey. There was a woman with the issue of blood that reached out and touched Jesus. Everything came to a stop. {I am sure Jairus’ heart did too.} Why this delay?

Then came the news that extinguished all hope for Jairus.

    Matthew 5:35-36 “While he was still speaking to her, messengers arrived from the home of Jairus, the leader of the synagogue. They told him, “Your daughter is dead. There’s no use troubling the Teacher now.”
    But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”

This is when Jesus did the thing that He does best…He brings hope when you are at the bottom of the barrel.

The New Living translation of Matthew 12:20 adds to this hope. It says, ” He will not crush those who are weak, or quench the smallest hope.”

Igniting hope is what the Savior does best.

As soon as the horrifying news was spoken…I can see Jesus immediately turn to Jairus and very emphatically say, “Don’t you believe that! “Do not be afraid, only believe!”

In fact, in Luke’s account of the story he even goes further to say, “and she will be made well.”

Just as Jairus’s faith and only hope was about to be crushed, Jesus blew on the embers of hope and a spark of hope came to life in the heart of Jairus – a new glimmer of hope and belief that carried him forward.

In many moments in life we live in the spark. Waiting on the God of the blow torch to ignite it. And He does.

As they arrived at Jairus’ home they were greeted by people who were wailing and carrying on about the recent death of the little girl. Jesus asked what all the commotion was all about, since the girl was only asleep. Jesus wasn’t phased by the crowd as they ridiculed him, he simple walked past them taking Jairus and his wife in to the room so they could witness Him taking their twelve-year-old daughter by the hand and saying, “Talitha cumin,…Little girl, I say to you arise” (Mark 5:41)

Their smoking flax burst into vibrant flames!

    Romans 15:13 “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to fill us completely with all joy and peace so that we can overflow with confident hope. Not just scraping the barrel. He does this not so that we have enough hope just for ourselves, but that we may have hope to minister to others. Notice how the key ingredient is done through the power of the Holy Spirit?

Opening ourselves to fully be filled with the Holy Spirit is the igniting power of this hope. You can not know God without having hope. {I know that is a strong statement..but one that I have begun to believe fully.} God is our only ultimate source of all true hope, the God of hope. May He fill you today.

I don’t know what you are facing. I have heard through many that this blog space is not taken for granted by those that read it. I praise God for that…because that means His glory is being brought to our story.

Whether you are experiencing only a glimmer of hope or you know that you have in the past, I want to encourage you to know that the smoldering flax of a seemingly hopeless situation you are facing is about to be breathed upon by the Master of the Universe if you will call out to Him. Will you join me in this prayer?

    Jesus, I confess to you that I am struggling to keep hope alive right now in a situations that I am facing. I know I can’t continue in my own strength. So I take a deliberate step of faith, trusting that You can fill me with joy and peace in believing, and that the result will be an infusion of hope that will abound in my life.
    I thank you in advance for the breath of Your Holy Spirit on the smoking flax of my life. Only Your Spirit can ignite hope in my heart and soul. Thank You for hearing my prayer today. Amen.


Our family’s update:

We praise God for all the prayers that He has abundantly answered for us in these last couple of weeks. Some that we speak and some that we keep quietly to ourselves, but are still HUGE in the walking out this healing process.

Kevin’s strength has increased by leaps and bounds…that doesn’t mean he is jumping on the trampoline yet or running miles every day! Taking a shower without the need for an immediate nap is huge!

He has begun getting back into work and having some much-needed appointments with his business. This is great in some respects, but also can be overwhelming and taxing in other ways. We have learned to depend on God’s grace to not feel like we’ve taken steps backwards when he has to slow down, take more naps, or even just emotionally to let it all sort its way out.

We head back to Houston for our post operative appointment with the surgeon on December 3rd. He will have chest X-rays and blood work. We are hoping that this trip will be filled with continual great news but also a trip with no glitches so that we can return home to enjoy the holiday season with our girls.

Thanksgiving came and went without me writing and sharing with you how our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving for all the blessings that we have seen. Honestly, I was too overwhelmed with emotion in the reality of it all. We have treasured these moments of discussions with our girls and how they are learning these important truths of praising God through the midst of any storm or sunshiny day…even more than just on Thanksgiving.

We are most thankful for our friends and family and even those of you who comment on here that I have never met. Your words are precious and powerful. Your graciousness with cards and meals have been overwhelmingly appreciated. We love you guys.

With Continual Hope,


Today, I am linking up with a group of other women that write to encourage others. It is a way for me to meet other writers and also encourage others. I pray that you will take the time to read Ann Voscamp’s post HERE. It blows me away that I had this post ready on Monday, but God said wait and link up with A Holy Experience…it warmed my heart today that Ann’s post is about how their church family is rallying around a friend in their church that has cancer! Whoa! God is amazing!
Hope you are blessed by this link as much as I was.

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  1. This is the very Scripture which the Lord gave to me to stand upon in the midst of our difficult time of trial. I clung to this verse so often and quoted it loud in the midst of many a dark day concerning my husband’s difficulties.

    I am so glad I visited your blog tonight… and privileged to have the opportunity to pray for you and your husband.

    The Lord continue to be the lifter of your heads.

    • Thank you Wendy for visiting! Please come back! Quoting scripture is a huge part of my daily routine. The 2 Timothy verse is what has been given to us today! “God does not give us a spirit of fear but of love, discipline and a sound mind!”. Standing guard over our minds today!

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