One more hurdle down

Kevin jumped a big hurdle yesterday…again! I have mentioned in my previous posts how much of this journey is like running a race and I have to only approach the hurdles right in front of us and not those on the other side of the track.

Yesterday’s surgery of the orchiectomy (removal of the testicle) went great! The surgeon felt good after the surgery that this will help in giving them more data as to the specific type of cells in the Vena Cava (abdomen area) that are enlarged. That surgery will take place after all the 4 rounds of chemotherapy is finished.

The bad part about yesterday was that we expected to start surgery at 1pm CST and we were not taken back till 6pm for the actual surgery. It was just a Friday and other cases that were scheduled before us got backed up in the surgery room. We couldn’t do anything but WAIT.

This waiting lesson is hard. We are learning to sit still. We played music. We talked about our children. We talked about the coming weeks. We talked about you guys back home. We read the Bible.

Then… Kevin got a headache from not eating or drinking all day and I had to stand on my head out in the hall to get this ball moving! (Pardon the pun!)

(We have had to find laughter too!)

This past week, God had me go back to another post that I wrote back in the spring. It was the Waiting Room (click on the bold print and you can re-read it.)

I am still amazed at how God was gently teaching me lessons that we are now having to walk out now in the truest form. I have always known that God does that with our relationships with Him, but walking in the midst of it is just leaving me in AWE.

Kevin’s parents came out last Wednesday and will stay through Monday. We are so glad to have some good time with them, hanging out and being encouraged by their faith. We have also showed them much of this big city of Houston! They have commented once or twice – “you weren’t kidding by this place being BIG!”

We head toward our next hurdle on Monday with going back into the hospital for the round 2 of the chemo treatment. Pray for a smooth transition and opportunities to be used by God. There will be more waiting during those 5 days. We have begun to start a list of books to read, podcast to listen to and even movies that we want to watch.

We have certainly stopped traffic wearing our t-shirts saying, “God’s Got This!” It has opened up many opportunities to share our story with others. It always brings a smile.
{on a side note: My friend Tracy is actually selling the shirts and you can contact her at for more info.}

Thank you friends for hanging in there with us. God is teaching us so much more than what I just share here. We know He will bring these teachings back to our memory as the days go by. He is so faithful, able and on our side! We have felt His presence so powerful with us this week.

I want to leave you with a song that we sang last Sunday at the church we visited. It brought us to our knees and it has been our song all this week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. may the LORD keep blessing you and Kevin as you always bless others by Glory-fying GOD first…So happy to know you………sweet pea

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