Great Beauty

Yesterday I shared with you a post from a new blogging friend that has some incredible insights into the way God intervenes in our lives.

I mentioned that I would expand upon her writings and share some more background into our story so that you will know the impact of her message had on us.

In February 2004, I had a friend that wanted to pray with me before the birth of our long awaited second child. We had been through 3 years of infertility treatments in which nothing worked until we laid our desires at the feet of Jesus.  I was due in late April.

During that time of intense prayer that day, God brought forth a very strong Word from God.  A prophetic word.  It was one that wasn’t normal.  It was a call to heed.

God said, “Amy, I am about to take you through Fire.  This fire will be hot, but it will not burn you up.  You and Kevin will grow stronger through this fire. You have to trust me.  

I will never leave you.  I will never leave you.  I will never leave you.  

Many will come to know Jesus through this Fire.” 

 This fire was caused On May 13th 2004, when a gall stone got stuck in my bile duct and caused all my pancreatic enzymes to “burn” my entire insides.  When this happens, your organs begin to shut down.  I was immediately rushed into surgery to have the stone removed.  Stabilized and moved to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL  for 49 days.

God brought healing…{there is a lot to the story in between of God’s grace, mercy and Holy Spirit workings} but ultimately we have seen TOTAL PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL HEALING! Like… they have stamped MIRACLE on my chart at Shands!

That is where Jeannie’s story began to resonate…

“He is amazing the way He takes our lives and creates something of great beauty. He never leaves us alone while we go through our fiery trials, He is right there in the fire with us and His gentle hand is refining us, shaping us, and perfecting us that we might reflect the fullness of the Image of the Son. He is with us in the fire. He is with us and turns us at just the right moment when it feels like the fire is too hot.”

We know that fire well.

We recently heard an entire sermon series on podcast while planting our garden this spring on the fire in the story of Shadrach, Meshach and AbedNigo.  We are continually going back these days to see that the Fourth Person in the fire as JESUS.

The weekend before all this journey came to a head, I had a dream.  I woke up that morning with it being so vividly clear and told it immediately to Kevin.  We just scratched our heads.  For the record, I don’t dream like this.  For me to remember it even today is a miracle.  That tells you it was God’s gentle warning of this next journey we were going to take.

This dream came twice during the weekend.  In my dream, I saw our front pasture to our house and I was out in the pasture, but it was flooded.  I could see our house, but I couldn’t get to it because of all the water that was in the front pasture.  It was like a mighty river.  We were in boats and there were tons of people all around us in the water as well.  I was confused.  I didn’t understand why there was so much water.  I kept trying to get back to the house.  I also kept asking everyone why they were all lined up in my pasture.  The water was turbulent.

Last week, a dear friend of mine saw another vision of a mighty waterfall like Niagara Falls.  God revealed that the rocks under the waterfall, where the water was flowing over them, was as shiny and clean  – representing God’s purity that He is doing in our lives.

Now look at Jeannie’s next paragraph…

“He is walking with us as we go through the times of flood. In the rush of the mighty waters, He scoops us up into His arms and we stand, held upright as we push through the waters. We are never overcome! Our flesh may feel weak, but He always strengthens us with the power of His mighty right hand.”

The “mighty right hand” is symbolic to us too.

Another friend, sent us a vision that she kept having while Kevin was in the hospital.  (Do you see how the Body of Christ is rising up to be used by God.)  Here is what she saw…

“I see Kevin holding on to God’s HUGE finger for dear life. Kevin is struggling to keep his grasp on God’s finger. He is on the verge of panic. I can see it in his face- it is red, and he is sweating. Kevin is saying, “Can’t……hold on…..much….longer….” So you might think he was slipping away, BUT there is God’s other HUGE hand under Kevin. God catches Kevin and he is sitting like a little child in the palm of His hand. Relief. Peace. Safety.”

We feel that MIGHTY RIGHT HAND holding us like a Father holds a child.  We also have learned the teaching of why it is the Right hand…It is His hand of blessings.  There is power of being held in His Right Hand.


This week has gone by pretty fast.  We have shopped, dined out at some neat restaurants and even visited a museum with some friends that we have met out here.  I keep telling our girls, that even though on the surface it looks like we are living it up on this journey our here in Texas, you have to do something while you wait.  Getting out and driving around is more healing than we ever knew. We never thought a trip to the CVS was such a highlight!  We just thought we would broaden our horizons out here.

This weekend, we are looking so forward to some incredible friends coming to visit us and give us many hugs and prayers and laughter to fill our days!

Monday at 8am (CST) we will head to the GU Clinic at MD Anderson to begin abdomen CAT scan, X-rays, and blood work.  We will meet with the Oncologist and then be admitted into the hospital for the 2nd round of 5 days of treatment.

The treatment length runs about 6 hours.  They do it at night so that it ensures you being in your room.  (We are not sure how far you would get anyway!) During those times, Kevin is also given diuretics, so to be honest, that is the frustrating part…not getting solid long periods of sleep because of the diuretics.

Kevin’s parents will come out on Wednesday so that will be a highlight, while he is on the downward end of his treatment.  During that time, we will have lots of discussions with our team of doctors and discuss our next steps.

Anticipation of your next steps is normal…but one step that we are having to continually lay at Jesus’ feet at the cross.  Remember, it is by His stripes we are healed.  It has already been done.

Prayer Requests:

*  Perfect and Complete Healing

*  Continued Perfect Peace from God this weekend.

*  Safety for our family and friends traveling this weekend.

*  Revelation of God’s Promises that He gives so freely through His Word.

Love you guys more than you will know!  Happy Friday!

A video for my serious friends….

A video for my “let’s do the Jesus Dance” friends….you know who you are!  Really, this is for my girls!  Turn it up REAL LOUD girls!  It’s a good one!


  1. Ahhh.. Amy, you are blessing so many through your transparency during this trial.. Much love & continued prayers for you ALL! Tell Kevin that it just isn’t fair that he can rock 3 different hair styles & still look terrific! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.. Praying specifics!

  2. Amen! Jesus was in the fiery furnace, and he still is. You are a MIRACLE, and I hope have been so happy to know that you are finding fun in the adventure and midst of this flood. I hope you can feel the love we have for your precious family. I look forward to hearing about this weekend with your friends :-)Praying these requests and more! Love, Susan

  3. Amy,
    I’m Jerry Varnado, a life long friend of your Mom and Dad. Just wanted you to know that prayers are going up from Athens GA for you, Kevin and family. My wife, Beverly, and I are both cancer survivors so we understand something of what your going through. Beverly is also a blogger, and I thought you might find her writing encouraging We are believing God for a total, complete and permanent healing.

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