The Race of Faith

We are having lots of down time these days for us. Many tell us they don’t want to call because they know we are busy.  We are.  We are sitting.

We could spend our riding around site seeing, visiting all the hundreds and thousands of restaurants or museums that Houston offers, but today God said to “be still” so we are doing our best to be obedient.

Let me catch you up to speed with some things you can pray for.

* Kevin’s once a week treatment on Friday went well. {PRAISE!} We were not in the waiting room that long and he wasn’t anxious a bit. We did not find out any numbers or progress as we will find out more on the 2nd when Kevin goes back in for Treatment #2.  {Pray that we will be patience with our eyes open to what God is wanting to teach us for the next 10 days.}

* We have found that this Texas heat will zap you fast along with all the effects of the chemo.  This can be frustrating.  So morning time outings are best rather than later in the day. We realize that fatigue is just part of it… it is sometimes just hard to swallow for two individuals that do a very good job ordinarily keeping busy and multitasking.

It is part of the being still that God is teaching us during this journey.  We have no other option so I guess God is serious with this one. {Prayer}

* We found a great local pizza place that we loved on Thursday night. That made Kevin happy. If anyone knows Kevin, you will know how much this brought a smile to his face. {Praise}

* We have had lots of encouraging talks with friends and family this weekend that has lifted us up just at the right time. We Praise God for the ability to do that. {Praise}

* Sunday, we will move into our apartment. These are each time hurdles in the process. Getting comfortable with our new surroundings takes time. We know that. It doesn’t always make it as fun. {Prayer and Praise}

* Our girls will be making their way back from Virginia soon. Pray for the strength of both sets of our parents that are running the race at home with 3 very energetic, beautiful, God-fearing girls. {Prayer}

Speaking of this race we are running, I have never been much of a runner. I was never on the track team and never had a desire to do it either. In fact, perspiring {or “glistening” as I would call it} has never been my thing. Many times in the last 2 weeks, I have felt like I was in a race. I see hurdles in front of me, and have learned that I can clear them with the help of Jesus. I see the hurdles down the way or even on the other side of the track and realize I will have to deal with those when I get to them but for now, I deal with only the hurdle in front of me.

It is a race of faith. Many times you feel strong and many times you are overwhelmed with weakness.  Either way, God never leaves us.

“We could sum up the matter by quoting the command of Jesus: Have faith in God (Mark 11:22)
Faith looks directly to the word of God. Faith knows what God has said, because it has been born by the word of God. Faith knows that what God says is a revelation of what it is His will to do.”

There are times when Kevin and I have had some chuckles with God as we have received words from friends that have no idea how the words they spoke were so powerful. I shared with Kevin a revelation that I think God really wanted me to clue in on for some time now.

God uses sometimes the most insignificant people to bring about the most revelation.

I have an elderly African-American lady that calls every week to tell me she is praying for us. When I ask her how she is doing…she says, “the Man says, “I’m still standing!”

She also says…

“the Man says(God)…He’s got more for Kevin to do”.

She isn’t eloquent with her words.

She doesn’t have an education.

She doesn’t have much of a home or income.

She does have Jesus.

She does have faith.

And she believes the Word of God as Total Truth.

I love that.

God lead me to a quote later today that backed up my friend’s comment.

“If you are not dead, You’re not done.
God wants to do more through you.” – Craig Groschel

Last night, I listened to this video of Francis Chan that I heard previously back in January. I am so glad I did. I want to share it with you today. Many of you, I will lose because you might not have the time to sit and watch it. That’s ok – but there are many who God does want to watch it. It will change you.

So get a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea and kick your feet up and get ready to take notes. This one is well worth “being still” for. It conveys the total message I have shared with you the last couple of posts. I think God specifically reminded me of it because it helps put together so many of my feelings.

I hope you will take the time to watch it. You won’t regret it.


  1. In those times of weakness, when you don’t know if you can face that next “hurdle”, remember to look back, make those memorials like Israel did, and look at the hurdles He has already allowed you to clear. And Praise Him! I pray His peace and blessings for you. Love, Shannon

    • You reminded me of that before! You are exactly right! Thanks Shannon! Being reminded to look to see His faithfulness through so much! Love you!

  2. “I pray to come to the place of still waters and of wide open spaces with nothing but peace as its beauty. There is hope in this journey, in the winding way of it, hope because it is not walked alone nor without charted course.” R. Graceson from One of Many Journals

  3. Thinking about you guys tonight…Praying for peace and that easy feeling He gives us when He knows things are gonna be alright!
    Love you both,’
    Joni and David

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