Teaching Them to See

Ok…life is pretty crazy here in the fast lane of LIFE!  I have been busy taking care of this tremendous garden (that I am so grateful for!), ending up the school year for my 3 daughters, birthdays, mother’s days and just over-all laundry and kitchen build up!

So without further delay… I am going to share a post that super encouraged me this week!  Don’t fret…God is downloading some great posts in my day and you should see the sticky notes everywhere so I don’t forget! I could seriously use your prayers that He would show me how to get it all out on paper, or better yet, on the computer.

Here is a link to this article…. it is from the MOD (mothers of Daughters) blog.  {You can see why I am partial.}

Thanks Danielle for writing such great encouraging words from the heart of Jesus.

{Below is the entire article.}


I have struggled with knowing the will of God….seeing Him work….understanding His ways….

As I think about what I want my girls to learn…to grow into…to become….. I think that I want them to know…to see….to understand Him… better than I do…

Both of my daughters have made professions of faith, and if their professions are real, and I believe that they are,  then the Holy Spirit lives in them…He is working in them…and through them…and around them….. and I want them to see…..


Each night after we read some scripture and talk about it…we ask them how they saw God working that day. They can tell us about how He worked in their own hearts, how He worked in someone else’s heart and/or how He worked in the circumstances that surrounded them….As they talk through how they saw Him work…they are sharpening their vision,  they are tuning their hearing….they are training themselves to look…to watch….to expect….

When I deal with their behavior, you know, the less desirable ones….I often find myself asking them…”How would the Spirit of God, the Spirit that lives in you, respond”…or “What do you think God living in you would want you to do about this?” When the pride sets in and grabs a firm hold of their hearts…I say things like… “God living in you isn’t prideful, are you allowing Him to work, are you letting Him live through you?”

When she doesn’t get mad at her sister for taking something that belongs to her…I let her know, “I saw God at work in you….you were willing to share, you were patient…I saw God!”….When she wants to help a friend, or a stranger, in need, I say “That is God living in you…He wants to love that person through you…I see Him working in your heart!”

I want them to know, see, understand…better than I do….so that they grow up to be Mary’s….so that they grow up knowing that He is the one at work in us and around us…His purposes are what it is all about, He is the one with the power….I want them to look at all He has done, and worship Him in humility with thanksgiving…..I want them to love Him more deeply than I do…

….so we, as a family, are learning to watch and asking Him to teach them, …to teach us…how to see!


Go check out the MOD blog!  Super incredible encouraging words for any parent out there!

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