One Desire

Life is full of transitions.

We are always moving from one season in life to another. If we become too caught up in the season we are in and things start to get “too comfortable”…God moves us so that we can learn more about how to trust Him.

{If your life doesn’t seem to work that way…do me a favor…don’t let me know about it.}

I remember when we had our first daughter and I felt like everything in life was going to crumble if we didn’t manage our schedule just so. I felt like we couldn’t do anything outside of the box because of fear of the unknown.

I wanted the exact cookbook recipe to raising a child! Oh so little did I know!  I look back now and shutter to think of the older women that probably shook their heads at mean when they walked away.  Sometimes, you just have to walk through the process of learning to truly “get it!”

I feel that I may have become this way because my life had always seemed like it ran like a “cookbook style” life.  I grew up in a Godly home, went to college and didn’t blow life too much. I graduated and even went to graduate school.   There were hiccups along the way but for the most part I stayed right along the recipe that culture lays out in a fairy tale! 🙂

I met the love of my life and got married. Got a wonderful job in the career field that challenged me daily. And then the blessings go on…we bought our first house, began to start a family…with a dog and then our first daughter. Life was just peachy.

My recipe looked good.

Then…God started changing the recipes and ingredients. Or at least it seemed in my mind He did.

I began to learn to trust Him in the small things like just making dinner go smoothly and get all the laundry finished. But trusting Him in the bigger things like job changes, change in income and even a change of friends.

Those things were harder to deal with.

I came to a point in my faith that I had to let go of those things I couldn’t control. When I did let them go, I found freedom. When I played stubborn…things didn’t work out too well. It was all about my desires.

The definition of Desire is “to wish for; crave or want.”

I came to a different place in my relationship with Jesus, where I learned that when I am seeking His Presence…no matter how simple that looked {through music, Christian relationships, books, scriptures, mentors}…I would find strength to lean on Him and trust Him in everything.

In His Presence there is Power.

In His Presence there is Strength.

Life looked radically different.

That is what life looks like when you live for Jesus’ Presence.

You begin to have ONE DESIRE…to live for Him and begin to let go of those things that don’t fall in line with that desire.

I have recently just finished reading the book “Radical” by David Platt.

This book…really. rocked. my. world. Turned it upside down.

Jesus was radical.  I am reading scriptures from a whole new perspective these days.

Funny thing is…I am finding it is messing with other people just like it did me. My blogging friend Amy also had a post about her experience with this same book.

Personally, I think God is up to something bigger with this one. It is changing the way I view everything. Jesus didn’t intend for us to do everything like the culture around us. Many times, culture itself does not look like Jesus.

How we raise our children, how we educate our children and even how we relate to our husbands can be dictated by culture or by God.

I have to be in His Presence to know what He wants.

Bottom line…when Jesus is my one desire, I become changed from the depths of my heart…from the inside out. Isn’t that what business Jesus is in? The business of changing our desires?

What is your desire?  Where is God calling you to step away from culture and hear His voice?  Sometimes what He is telling us to do is way better than what we sometimes want.

Here is another one of Kari Jobe’s video of one of her newest songs. I am telling you – you got to download, buy or listen on YouTube her newest CD. It will take you into the presence of God and change your heart!


  1. I am SO glad you posted this, I just wish I had read it yesterday :-). A friend of mine and I were just discussing this and I was looking for a way to encourage her and here it was, right under my nose!

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