Do I Want to be Right…or Well?

I read a post about a month ago that really made me wiggle in my pants. (My friend Michelle loves when I say that statement!) But seriously…Wiggling in your pants is when you know something speaks TRUTH…but to accept it into your mindset or even your thought process and allow it for good – is the place where you wiggle. That is why I have sat on this post for actually weeks.

Those that I am close to know that the last 6 months have been a place where God has had me on a steep learning curve. A place that I believe God has taken me through for HIS GLORY…to chisel me into what He wants. He has been revealing to me His will and His wisdom over mine. Kinda of like a refining process. Those times are such a joy! {sarcasm}

Of course, now that I am not consciously in the middle of the fight or fire then I can look back and see where I have been…that is always easier.

I know that I am not at the finished product place, but I know that according to His Word that when I get to Heaven, I will be. So hence, this is another destination in the journey God has called me to walk through.

A friend of mine, that I have mentioned here before, wrote about this “wiggle place” that I have been hanging in. Her question was…

“Do I want to be right or do I want to be well?”

Lisa explains,

“It is the place many of our hearts become compromised.

The truth is, we often fight for the wrong things in life.

We fight to hold onto relationships that aren’t healthy for us, just because our heart wants what it wants and aches for what it thinks it can’t have.

We fight to feel justified – for people to be willing to own their stuff like we think we have owned ours. And when they don’t, we become weighted down by our own scale of justice. But even in our midst of our flesh longings, there is hope. Because growth appears when we are willing to ask ourselves something hard.

Do I want to be right, or do I want to be well?
It is…a very different thing.”

The need to feel justified in giving my opinion…hummm..I am not sure that was something that Jesus did.

I have felt the need for people to be TOLD the TRUTH about the LIES THEY WERE SPEAKING.

Is that the reaction that I need to take? Does it represent Christ or make me feel better?

Is that what Jesus would have done?

Many times…does me giving my correction solve anything?

These are questions that I have asked my self many times in the last couple of years as I have walked through different journey’s in life. I tend to want to handle people and situations… with. my. words.

My need is to clarify the situation.

Set things straight.

Be the one that has the last words.

This is a place I do not like about myself…I think because I know it is not the path that Jesus would have me take. {Funny, how you find out about these things once you are over 40.}

Do I choose to be well…rather than right?

Lisa helped me get to that point and recognize my need to be well.

Her definition of being well is…
“But to be well…that is the initial harder choice. It is choice of death to self and unbridled trust in God. It is the choice of letting go, releasing my grip, closing my mouth, smoothing the ground that my heels once buried themselves in.

And yet…it is the choice of life, health, freedom and peace. It is the exhaling, the release, the healing.

If we must fight something, we must fight our urges…to react in haste, anger, or fear.”

Please hop on over to Lisa’s place HERE to read about Lisa’s words that were so poignant! Then come back to let me know your thoughts. I know it is a lot of “journeying” back and forth in cyberspace, but I have a feeling that this post may make some other people wiggle in their pants too. It’s ok – wiggling is good!

Come back later this week as I share another “shining quality” I would rather have not discovered either. Later in the week, we will also have a give away of Lisa’s book so please invite your friends. You do not want anyone to miss that party! This book has brought so much revelation for me from discovering the holes in our lives that need to be made {whole}.

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