Life’s Teachings

Dear Friend,

Many years ago, you sat with me patiently teaching me the Word of God…discipling me, just as Jesus did with His closest friends. Not only that, but you lived out what you taught.  I was at a place where I wondered what God was doing in my life.   I had so many questions.  You were faithful and steady.  I was wavering and SO at the beginning of this walk with Jesus.

You taught me to stay firm to the Word of God.  Your instructions were clear… “Focus on Jesus and what He says.  Those words will give you LIFE!”   I have a confession… I am not sure I knew what that meant back then.  There were many days when I would leave our time together of studying the Bible and say – “Lord, please make all this make sense!”

Over the years, I have remembered your teachings of Jesus that you led me through in our studies come back again…and again.  Some days it floods my mind.  I would go through life’s winds and turns and realize that I needed to go back to the WORD of God each time to gain my strength.  Those parameters are what you help me set many years ago.  I will forever be grateful.

You see…

I now understand full well that the Word of God has to be my Sustainer.  The very Breath that I breathe each day.  

When I stay at that place I can function fully within the Kingdom of God.  

You gently showed me the teaching from Romans 14:17 that the “Kingdom of God is Righteousness (being in right relationship with God), Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.”  That is the parameters in which I need to stay in between.  

I write this because today I want you to realize all those times, tears and readings did go somewhere in my heart.  You made a difference in my life, in ways you may never know this side of heaven.  

I want you to know this NOW because I know the table may be turned and you need me now.  To pray for you, to intercede for you at the Throne of the Almighty God that does produce miracles…which you have known and seen before, but sometimes, we all need reminding.  

Life sometimes hurts.  Jesus never said it would be easy…remember the teaching on the narrow way of a Christian life?  Even knowing, doesn’t make it easy.  But knowing the ONE that holds you can handle all that is thrown your way.

I think what I am wanting to tell you is that you are precious to me… and to Jesus …because you gave so much and now I want you to know that I want to encourage you as you walk through this rough place. 

Love Your Friend that you impacted for Jesus’ sake ~



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