Finding More Treasures

Recently, I had to laugh out loud as someone told me, “I heard that you are the person to go to if you have any questions!”

Several years ago a good friend of ours, Jim, labeled me “The Hub”. I didn’t really think that the title was one that I really wanted. God slowly started to reveal to me that I tend to be a good resource person and that this was a gift not a burden.

I tend to know most people’s numbers on hand, can tell you how to find particular information on some subjects around leadership, community contacts, church related stuff, spiritual growth and most importantly how to find a good meal! Haha! (The last one is my favorite.)

Knowing different resources of information in pastors, books and studies in Christian growth and living is one of them. I hunger to learn more about my Jesus.

I guess this comes partly from when I was very sick and in the hospital and saw first hand how God brought scripture and teachings that I had learned in past studies up in my heart to encourage me. He could not have done that if it wasn’t put there in the first place.

After experiencing my miracle of recovery (read in the “about” section) I realized how incredibly cool it was that God was able to flood my mind with those scriptures but that I had to be diligent in putting more in my mind and heart. Therefore, I HUNGER after knowing my Lord even more.

God has gifted many people with the gifts of teaching, preaching and writing. I want to benefit from their gifts as well by soaking myself in all that I can to learn about my friend Jesus.

I don’t believe that while we are here on this earth that we ever “arrive” in knowing all that we can know and sit down and say “Amen, well that was nice, but I don’t need to learn any more.” If we ever get to a place where we slip into this mindset – that is dangerous! Very Dangerous!

Today I want to share with you another friend that I have been listening to over the last 5 years. My husband and I first heard him at Catalyst. (You will see a common theme that I get my tidbits from this conference.) It is such a conglomerate of information that I come back and research it and begin my quest. If you ever have the chance to go as a leader in your church or for that matter – just a growing alive Christian in his/her walk with Christ, I would highly recommend making the time and the effort to do so.

Craig Groschel is an amazing man of God. He is from Oklahoma and has a very dynamic way of preaching. REAL, Authentic, and genuine. He is the pastor of, which is another ministry that will blow you away at the number of people that he ministers to each week.

You can access his sermons here at

The best thing that I like about his church is they provide ALL their information, sermons with sermon notes and group discussions FREE ONLINE. How about that for a servant!? This is an amazing resource.

Also their church are the ones that created the little app called YouVersion. Or you can access a FREE BIBLE ONLINE through TOTALLY Amazing technology ingenuity!!

Craig has a book out that I am currently reading called “Chazone”. If you want to find your calling and be challenged to take it to the next level – read this book immediately!

Last week he put out another book that is rocking people all over and it is called “WEIRD”. I absolutely can guarantee that if this guy’s preaching and podcasts are anything like this book – it will blow you away!

Well, that is it for this week in my Treasures. Oh, don’t think for a moment that is all that I have up my sleeves but this will certainly get you started in the right direction for “racing toward the call of the High Call of God in Christ Jesus!”

I leave you with this prayer from 2 Thessalonians:
“I constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith.”


  1. I was looking for sub-themes that could link the Strong Tower with exploring the Names of God for a week-long Vacation Bible School in Kaduna, Nigeria. What I find instead is a wealth of resource I could always draw on. Thank God for your life. Remain blessed.

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I will be praying for you as you lead the Bible school. Learning the Names of God is such a powerful study that anyone can draw strength from during any time of their lives. Blessings of abundance to you Ms. Johnson!

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