Sharing Treasures

For the next several posts I am led to share some Treasures with you.

A friend had recently asked about which podcasts that I listen to. I have mentioned in previous posts that I listen to several podcast sermons during the week. I guess the just “going to church thing every week” doesn’t quite do it all for me. I need more. I am hungry and I guess my friend was too.

I download lots at a time through iTunes for free and during my day while exercising, gardening, cooking, cleaning or in the car I listen to them. The kids have even benefited immensely from listening as well. Multi-tasking is the way to go!

For 3 years now, I have been weekly listening to a pastor in Charlotte, NC. His name is Pastor Steven Furtick and he leads Elevation church. The growth of this church in the last 5 years will blow your mind!

My husband and I first heard him at Catalyst 3 years ago. His sermons encourage and teach me so much about living the audacious, radical life Christ wants us to live.

His first book that came out last Fall and is one of those books that has shaken me to the core in my walk with Christ. In fact, it was the thing that kicked my tail in gear with starting this blog.

The book is called “Sun Stand Still” by Steven Furtick. Pastor Furtick’s blog is listed in the RSS feed to the right as well. That way I can get small doses of this guy each day! 🙂

Now, he is a young whipper-snapper! And don’t get distracted by his hairstyle! {*smile*} – {that was for some of you older folks}

Pay attention to the content, depth, scripture.

Now let me share with you that if you listen to this guy and he doesn’t rattle your cage with his sermons, then I am not offended. I just can relate to him and I like to share about the ministry that God has given him.

Click here to go directly to his blog.

Click here to listen to his recent sermon series.

Come back Thursday because I have some more gems to share as well. I just love sharing treasures!

If you would like to automatically receive updates of this blog to your email then subscribe to the right of the page. I pray you will be encouraged each time!

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