Do you know Him?

Recently, I had God use a friend of mine to show me the reality of how we are to be like Jesus….ALL THE TIME! During my weekend away a couple of weeks ago, I became humbled beyond measure.

There were 6 of us that decided to go out to eat together before our women’s conference began. We had sat down at the table and began to order our food. While looking over the menu, one of my girl friends (let’s call her Lori) that sat next to me said, “I feel something stirring in my spirit.” I told her – “Hmmm – it is probably your stomach talking – I am hungry!”

After all of us had placed our order with the waiter, Lori said very calmly and genuinely asked the waiter this questions, “Sir, can I ask you if you know Jesus?” The waiter just stood there dumbfounded that someone had asked him that question. He then stumbled around and said that he knows Him but he doesn’t go to church anywhere…”ummm…I have read the Bible before” is how he replied to my friend’s question.

Lori continued still with grace in her voice and shared with him that we were all women attending a Christian woman’s conference and would it be ok if we prayed for him.

At this time I glanced at the faces of my other friends at my table. They were just as shocked as I was that we were approaching this subject with this complete stranger who had just taken our order. The young man stumbled once again to answer her question with something like “Oh, I am fine, thanks but no thanks…I will now get these orders in for you ladies.”

UGH! Rejection stinks! (I know – he was rejecting Jesus not us! ) But at the same time I was asking myself why in the world was I allowing my panties to get twisted with this? I love Jesus and have always thought I would do ANYTHING for Him. I am apart of the Great Commission to go and tell the world about Jesus! I was now realizing how I was the one that was uncomfortable – Jesus was NOT! Neither was my friend.

She then looked over at me to say, “That wasn’t it – I am still stirring.” I smiled and began praying silently that God would honor her request to listen to the discerning Holy Spirit that was in her and wanting to use her to be BOLD for CHRIST!

By this time, I was on board with these happenings going on around me. She was discerning something bigger than I was. I had to trust her.

A couple of minutes passed and we had received our waters and teas. An older lady had passed our table and then returned back to make a comment of Lori’s smile. (Notice – the lady returned to Lori) This older lady was wearing a bright red shirt that read “Bob’s Wife”. The watch she was wearing said, “Bob” in every digit area….”Bob, Bob, Bob” all the way around.

I could hear a voice inside my head say “this is the one”. “Bob’s wife” proceeded to tell my friend what a pretty smile she had. Lori thanked her and asked her about her shirt. The polite woman replied that her husband was her best friend and he had passed away about a year ago and she wears these things for him.

She then turns around and begins to slightly dis-robe with pulling down the back of her collar to show us the tattoo of the angel wings that she had all the way across her back. She said something to the fact that she was his personal angel.

Lori jumps straight in and with the utmost grace and gentleness again in her voice and said, “Do you know Jesus?” the woman replied “Yes!” and Lori immediately asked if we could pray with her.

So in the middle of a very busy, packed out restaurant 7 women bowed their heads and prayed to God for Bob’s wife. The prayer was beautiful! Lori asked God to bless her and help her to know Jesus more and more and also to bring peace to her life with allowing Jesus to be her focus.

When the elderly lady left – we all were in a state of “hmmm, what just happened?!” Funny thing is, Lori was at peace in her spirit and said – “That was it!” We all laughed and discussed how Big our God is to have all that occur just at the right time! *smile*

I pondered on this moment for days and even weeks. I have told this scenario to several people and laughed at the awkwardness of it all but more importantly to share that God wants to put us sometimes into uncomfortable positions for Him. He wants to stretch us.

I have been in a place this week where I am learning more and more about this. The “twisted panties place” is a place where we rely on HIS VOICE and become obedient at any given moment. Whether it is asking others “do you know Jesus?” or stepping out of our comfort zones to lead a Bible study, or even being obedient to something else specifically Jesus is calling you to do.

I have also learned that there are times when I can clearly hear that “call into action” when I have been spending time with my Jesus, and times when my hearing gets so clouded with all the busy-ness that I have going on around me that I don’t even recognize my Savior’s voice. Whether He is whispering or shouting.

A friend of mine has recently begun designing Christian themed t-shirts. There is a particular one that is perfect to describe what I learned that night in the restaurant. It says, “Do you know Him?” Watch this YouTube video and you can tell where she got the idea from.

Do you know Him?

I would like to ask you today…Do you know Jesus?

Thank you “Lori” for your obedience! (You know who you are! 🙂 ) Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a DISCIPLE OF JESUS! Thank you for your boldness. I learned a very valuable lesson that weekend through watching you countless times step out of yourself and be willing to be used for Christ!

I know God is preparing me for a soon encounter of asking a complete stranger, “Do you know Jesus?”


  1. I remember when I was younger, we’d had a conference at church and the guest pastor had gone out to eat with us youth after the Sunday night service. We were sitting in Shoney’s and when the food came he had us sing our blessing. There in Shoney’s was a table of teenagers and an elderly couple belting out “Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus…for the manna that you feed us…for the many ways you lead us…thank you, thank you Lord.” It was out of our comfort zone definitely. The waitress just stood there amazed and shaken. When our blessing was over, he talked with her about Christ. All these years later, it is still a very powerful and emotional memory. God does great work in restaurants. =)

  2. That S.M. Lockridge speech makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear it! The fact that it was impromptu makes it all the more powerful. It takes me back to C.O. days. Thanks so much for posting that video, Amy. It might just pop up on my blog soon…if I ever blog again!

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