The Surrender Prayer

To end up this week’s sharing topic of Surrender I wanted to end with a prayer that a friend gave me a year ago. It has brought such freedom to pray this prayer when I am needing to lay it all down at the feet of Jesus!

Help me surrender to all that you want to do in my life. Help me to step out in faith believing that you are not only a gentleman, but a loving, concerned and merciful Father who wants far more for me than I want for myself. I ask that you would identify and tear down any and all strongholds in me. I give you permission to search every bit of my heart and invade every one of my thoughts, bringing to light any unhealed hurts, wrong thinking, blind spots or strongholds. Set me free, Lord, from all distorted thinking about you, about myself and about anyone else. Help me to make your truths my own, and help me to see that in you there is no condemnation for me. Help me not to be arrogant, rebellious and high-minded, putting the things that I’ve come to believe about myself, the world and the people in my life, before you. Make me teachable, humble, loving and better able to hear your voice. Lord, renew my mind each day as I surrender to your will and make me everything that is holy and acceptable to you. Transform me into a clear image of you, so that beyond anything else your will might come to prosper in my hands.
Lord, bind me body, soul and spirit to all of the plans and purposes that you gave destined for me. Loose any of my own goals, desires and ideas, as well as those of anyone else, that do not line up with what you desire for me. Give me the grace I need to fully cooperate with all that you want to do in my life.
Boldly and with confidence I declare that I will walk in victory each and every day as I surrender to the loving will and good ways of my Lord Jesus Christ!

May you be blessed today by praying this prayer!


  1. Ditto Mrs. Griffin. I thank God for putting us together “for such a time as this”…may our friendship bring honor & glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  2. Perfectly placed, in perfect timing for this day. Just reading this prayer is Encouring and soul strengthening. Thank you for sharing. (((hugs))). ~ RA

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