Poignant Letters

Whew! I don’t know about you friends but I am glad the weekend is here! Around here we have Winter Break so the kids are out on Monday and Tuesday! YAHOO!

I have been so encouraged by all of your responses with go to verses! It has really helped in changing my mindset this week with having scriptures all around to get me out of the funk that I so often get into with my eating habits. I hope you guys also enjoyed reading them as well.

Did any of you guys sign up for the 21 Day Challenge through the Made to crave website? I have loved having Lysa as an accountability partner! Pretty cool huh? It is keeping me on my toes for sure! I even had carrots today for lunch! 🙂

Wednesday I received a comment response to the last blog post that has been sitting with me for several days. It is a good place because I see God’s hand all over it. I wanted to share it with you.

These are the reasons why I am doing this blog. To get people stirred in the quiet places of their life to speak up for what Jesus has done in their life. No one can dispute your experience. It’s yours! But so many times it can be THE WORD that helps that one person to see Jesus in a different light.

This is a testimony of one person that has seen God change their heart and their mindset from the filth that the world tries to feed us everyday into seeing God’s bounty of blessings that can happen when we are turn our life toward Jesus! I wanted to share this with you (with the permission of the writer).

Dear Amy,
As I was listening to the song this morning, the thing that grabbed me and took me back was the words from the song that were about the magazine.
You see, as a young child my father was one that had pornography that covered his entire tool shed. There were also the stacks of pornographic books by his dresser. Oh, and I was told not to look at them. (Funny, the shed was covered with Playboy and Hustler. The magazines only offered more…. sex pictures.) Did I look, of course! Did it affect me, YES! Tremendously!
I remember walking through the shed just gazing at their bodies and daydreaming of the day I would become like that. As I look back, I see that it all created an atmosphere that followed me through adulthood.
You see, I had been introduced to sex at the age of 14. I was pregnant at the age of 17. And God knows how much sin that was attractive to me that came from the filth that was in those magazines!
By the time I was 27, I was asked to get involved in the entertainment business. Which was an opportunity that to most would seem glamorous, right? Not! The adult entertainment business is what they were meaning!
God stepped into one of those entertainment bars one night and as I gazed out across the room of the smoke-filled bar ~ It was if everything changed. I had been up there on stage thinking to myself “there has to be more to life than this!”
I was as low as I could be, but I could hear God! The smoke grew thicker and it was as if I were in a bad dream or a movie. I turned away scared and looked in the mirror and I saw my naked body and I didn’t like what I saw! And God spoke as clear as day. “Get your clothes up, get them on and get out of this place and don’t ever return.” and I did just that.
It took a year of misery and dead-end’s BUT GOD prevailed because one year later when He sent my oldest brother to visit me. He had just gotten saved and shared Jesus with me. Within a week, I was saved!
I have had many trials and I have failed, BUT GOD has always brought me through and times when I needed pulling back out of the mud – He would grab me just in the nick of time! He has been so good as to open doors for me that through my failures that I slammed shut. He has a calling on my life that I would be miserable without fulfilling.
God is ever merciful!

He had a calling on this woman’s life….
God has a calling on all of our lives!
He has a calling for us to live in eternity with Him in Glory!
He has a calling for us to experience His Peace and His Protection, His Healing from past mistakes and hurts.

I Praise God for His Mercies! They are new every morning. His love is over flowing and he will go to GREAT LENGTHS to bring us back into his Arms!

p.s. Thanks my friend for sharing!

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  1. Wow, I love this! What an awesome God we serve…I don’t think we will ever realize the extent of His love for us. I am so thankful that He keeps on pursuing us, even when we fail Him!

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