Wisdom found in the bottom of my purse!

This summer I was able to hear Angela Thomas speak at the She Speaks Conference. She was incredible!

I absolutely fell in love with this woman as she shared her story. She says that she is the most unlikely person to be leading thousands of women through Bible studies. She is so real. Authentic. I can hear her South Carolina accent as she writes.

I read an excerpt of her book here – that blessed me and made me smile! I can SO RELATE to her story. If you have time to check out this excerpt of her book – you won’t be sorry.

She talks about being ordinary growing up. I know exactly how she felt.
I could totally relate.
I never seemed like I thought I fit in while growing up.
I felt like I was a wall flower. Or in my head it seemed like I was.

Where did the insecurity come from? I keep asking God to reveal the roots of where it comes from. I ask my Heavenly Father to show me those places that bring those emotions up from time to time. This week especially.

Big news announcement…Seems like I won’t be winning the Mother of the Year award this year!! Yep – just flushed it down the toilet and it is only February!

You see…I have now made it mandatory that my child brush her “very expensive with braces” set of teeth that God has graced her with. *smile* I told her that she only needs to brush the ones she wants to keep! She is still thinking on that one. 🙂

My life seems filled lately with many things that make me feel so ordinary. But I know this is a ploy from the enemy to get me sidetracked from writing to you guys everyday! Instead, I have to remember that it is in those ordinary things that God wants to use us.

Let’s see…there were some pretty ordinary people in the Bible too.
* Moses…he was just a Shepard and he talked to burning bushes….sometimes my days seem just that un-usual!
* Jonah … He really didn’t want to go and be a prophet…he was minding his own business when God called him to go to Nineveh to tell those people to straighten up their act…I do that every day around here! Goodness, how real the Word of God is to my life and I am sure yours!

Ok so the list could go on and on… You get my point!


Here is a quote I must have written down a while back because I found it the other day in the bottom of my purse. Imagine that ladies….I am sorry to say I failed to write down where the quote came from but it certainly sounds like something Angela said from that talk I heard this summer.

“It is ingrained in us that we have to do exceptional things for God – but we do not. We have to be exceptional in the ordinary things of life, and Holy on the ordinary streets, among ordinary people and this is not learned in 5 minutes.”

Let that soak in for a bit today. I want God to park us in a place to realize the simple truth that God uses us in our ordinary. He gives us grace to see Him in the most unlikely places in our lives.

Who knew that in my ORDINARY that God would have me…
* Raise my daughters to know that she can trust Jesus with her life. (Much less her teeth!)
* Bless my husband in the small ways to bring him encouragement throughout his day.
* To pray with a friend to bring peace and hope in the light of all her uncertainty.

Just an ordinary day around here….but EXTRODINARY in the Light of the Kingdom of God! Hallelujah!

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  1. You were never ordinary. Satan is just older than you and started in on you early, like he did with most of us. I actually think he’s whispering his lies to Carson… She just needs to let out a couple of strong, “Get behind me Satan ” whoops! A good battle song would be “He Who is in me is greater than he who is in the world”. I loved today’s post. Love you.

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