Green Pastures and Love

As many of you know God speaks pretty clearly to me through music…specifically Christian Contemporary Music. David, in the Bible, was a man after my own heart. He loved music as well. He used it to show God how much he loved Him.

Now, don’t be looking for me running around in a tunic half-way dressed or even naked for that matter with a tamborine in my hand but music about my Jesus does make me want to “twist and shout”! 🙂

February is the time of focusing on LOVE. It takes me back to when I fell in love with my husband. We started off as friends first. Then all the sudden things changed…I started seeing him differently…many days I felt as if my heart would beat out of my chest with overwhelming feelings of excitement! I was giddy. Falling in love is just that way. Or at least it was for me. *smile*

I wanted to learn so much about him, what made him happy, and what made him sad. What drove him and challenged him. What his favorite color was..which is ORANGE…(so we moved onto other topics!)

Now don’t get me wrong, in 15 years of marriage we have had to learn about those “challenging places” even more and learn to accept or forgive on so many levels.

But today, I want to reflect on the falling in love part. The part that made me giddy!

Last year, I had a friend pray with me about what God was doing in the shifting that seemed to be going on around me. She imparted a word of comfort to me. She told me God was preparing me for a relaxed, laid back time. A time of separation, to just be with Jesus.

I tend to want to always to be doing something…meaning I rarely sit still. God tenderly spoke to me that day that it was ok for me to “hang out” with him somedays. You know, stay in your pj’s a little longer, drink an extra cup of coffee, and curl up and read more of the love story in his WORD.

I also learned to enjoy his presence whether I was exercising, cooking, gardening or cleaning. Of course, during most of those activities I have my iPod going with music or preaching.

God wants to spend time with me.

God wants me to feel like I am falling in love with Him!

I immediately go to a very freeing place in my mind. That place involves a big open green pasture. The sun is shining – it is a warm day. The wind is gracefully blowing across my face. I am smiling, twirling and even dancing to God’s music. Kinda like that giddy feeling of falling in love.

This song today that I want to share with you is about just that. That freeing place where God says there is freedom to be loved by Him. Feeling his presence constantly. Not be tied down or encumbered by the world or distractions. Not to be in bondage to religious obligations or rules.

It’s a more than a truth to believe, it’s a truth that lives, moves and breathes, to sweep me off my feet.

I pray today for all you reading this that it will make you realize how real our Lord is! Today, it is a place of green pastures and falling in love with Jesus for me!

Click here to hear the song. This is a live recording he did on K-Love radio station.

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