God’s Voice and Giveaways!

This morning I was up having my quiet time and one of my daughters asked me a rather thought-provoking question. Simple but a good question.

She said, “Mom, How do you hear from God? How do you know when it’s your thoughts or God’s voice?”

Hmm…I wanted to answer in a way not to confuse her – which I sometimes do.

I explained to her that by me reading my Bible, which is God’s words, I am better able to know when that voice comes and who it is from. I told her that just this morning God brought to my mind a friend that I haven’t seen in while. Why did that person come to my mind especially while I was reading my Bible? I attribute it to the Holy Spirit bringing her to my mind.

So then I went deeper – I asked God, “What do you want me to pray for her?” or even a more basic question like “How is she doing Lord?” To which he replied, “She is overwhelmed…pray for Peace, My Peace.”

Now, did the couch move and shake as I heard these words? No, it was a still small voice in my head that I heard.

I told my daughter that when we hear from God, those words line up with His teachings and the words in the Bible. Were those words something that Jesus would say? More than likely yes. Do I go out immediately, take action and find that woman and say, “God told me you were overwhelmed!” Heavens NO! But is God using me to pray for her is a godly action that I believe is real? YES! Therefore, I was obedient to what God was telling me by praying for her.

I also explained to her that when I am reading my Bible and soaking up God’s word inside of me – that precious voice of God comes more frequently. When I am not in the Word and spending time with Jesus, that voice is so faint – sometimes I miss it.

The more I spend time with God and soaking up His words in Bible the more I hear his voice.

In John 10:27 it says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

I pray this simple TRUTH speaks to you today. While trying to find the picture above off the internet, I found this blog where this guy does this awesome teaching about 7 reason’s why we sometimes don’t hear the voice of God. (Read it after you see what surprise I have below.)

Now, on a lighter note…

Last week I took my little road trip that I was talking about here. My God gave us safety and Peace for the journey. I was privileged enough to have my two sisters with me.

In all 40 years of my life, we have never taken a road trip together…without kids, husbands or parents. This was so much fun! We laughed a lot, had serious talks, got lost only once…maybe twice, and had lots of coffee and good food. 🙂

We went to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my friend Lysa TerKeurst. She is currently doing a live webcast on Monday nights with her newest book Made to Crave. We went up for the live broadcast last Monday as well as to help out in their Proverbs 31 office with all the massive amounts of book orders they are trying to process.

I am so excited about the massive amounts of attention this book is getting from the secular world as well as the Christian world. To be on the New York Times Best Seller list is an incredible honor for her but also to have Wal-Mart order a LARGE CHUNK of books speaks volumes that God is using this book to minister and set people free! I just love it when God does some amazing things that is beyond our comprehension! This was her #1 prayer through this book that many people even that are not believers would see the TRUTH written in this book with our need to crave God more than food.

Today I would like to share this “Made to Crave” book by doing a free give away today. To enter into this contest you will need to post in the comments below how you hear God or what TRUTH (scripture) you are craving today and I will announce the winners of the 2 copies of “Made to Crave” that I will give away. I will also ship for free if you are any of my out-of-town friends! 🙂


  1. Lysa’s thoughts are so provoking & so right on. Oh, that our eyes would be open to the truth that we were created to CRAVE HIM alone. As a worship leader one of my favorite songs is “Breathe” that simply says “this is the air I breathe-your living word spoken to me”. I need more you, “I’m DESPERATE for you” and I need YOU more than I need the next breath that I take. I need His presence more than any other “clutter” I could possibly accumulate in my life. I truly am learning more each day to quiet myself before the Father and take him up on His promise..”if you seek me, you WILL find me”. I am learning to listen for His voice in everything–thus not to miss anything He’d have for me. I pray daily for discernment to hear only the “voice of truth” and to limit distractions that the enemy loves to throw at us to prevent those times to quiet the soul and hear the Father’s voice. I’m just a broken vessel willing to be broken, molded & filled again and again by Christ so I may become the person He created me to be in His image. Thank you for your inspiration and for your faithfulness in shining for the King.

  2. Oh Amy,
    What a timely post! The Lord has been teaching me about the scripture “Be still and KNOW that I am GOD.” It is so hard, b/c I am a doer not a be-stiller:-). If I am willing to be still, He fills me and equips me in ways that I never know possible. If I am NOT still, conversely, I find I do the work in my power and it always falls short. I love your blog and am blessed each day when I read it!

  3. Great lesson! It is the same truths that we are learning in Pricilla Schirier’s book, Discerning the Voice of God. Emilie Grace, Carson and Shiloh are blessed to have a Mother who hears from God, because she is listening. I am blessed to have you, too.

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