This is the stuff!

This week I heard a new song on K-LOVE radio that made me stop and smile. It is the new release of Francesca Battistelli’s called “This is the Stuff”. I will attach it at the bottom for you to hear but let me share with you why I think God allowed me to hear it from His perspective.

This Saturday morning I was up earlier than usual on a weekend morning. My oldest needed to be at a school event at 8am. My dear husband was up and at em’ at a hunt for handicapped people….I know the thought has made me pray more intensely this morning.

My younger two daughters wanted donuts…usually this is not a problem, but it seems that our quaint little town in South Georgia has had a misfortunate occurrence this morning. The water plant for the city has had a power outage and it has pushed the entire town into a …well let’s say a challenging position. Hence, I have had to explain to the sleepy haired, excited that it’s Saturday, girls that you need water to make donuts…therefore the donut man was not able to make donuts this morning. *smile*

In the midst of all of this – I am off to feed 5 very large animals (horses) that are clueless to these occurrences in world but would still like to see feed in their buckets in this 29 degree weather! Who left the freezer door open!?

All this to say – this song tells the story of how I would imagine most of us feel when life gets to going and you get so side tracked that those little things start to rob you of your joy. Been there? Let me explain. Have you ever…

* lost your keys in the great unknown…
* can’t find your phone or better yet – the remote control!
* any animal distraction with pets and their habits…

Then I think you can relate to this song by Francesca.

Here are the words to this song…

“This is the stuff that drives me crazy,
that is getting to me lately.
in the middle of my littleness
I forget how big I ‘m blessed….

But I’ve got to trust that you
know exactly what you’re doing
I may not be what I choose
but this is the stuff you use.”

God wants to get my attention of my perspective of the events in my life even through his sense of humor in it all. And for all of you that don’t believe he has a sense of humor – come stay at my house for a bit! 🙂

Thanking God today for the Stuff that drives me crazy! I hope you can too (even without water)!

Click here to hear the song. It will take you to her website – there is no video produced yet but on the right side of the page you can click to hear the song!

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