Let the Light Guide You!

Whew! This has been a WILD week. The week before Christmas break is guaranteed to try to rob you of your JOY; however, I have been determined to not let that happen. Therefore, I have a funny story to share with you!

I figured it was safe to admit over the internet that I love my bedroom slippers. Cushy ones to be exact. Not the major plush hot pink ones that were worn on the Brady Brunch, but soft and comfy ones!

This week I have realized it was time to:
1 – ask for new slippers for Christmas
2 – to wash my current ones.

In the meantime, during the frigid weather here in South Georgia that we have encountered this week, I went to grab an extra pair that was in my closet to keep my feet warm. I am blessed to have several pair. Obviously parting with old ones is a problem for me too! 🙂

My funtional slippers

I have these striped ones that my Dad had given me recently. They weren’t really soft but oh, did they bring out the laughs. You see they are special! Special, in that, when I walked out of my closet and down the dark hall…something magical happened! THEY LIGHT UP TO GUIDE MY WAY! Here is where you can find them.

Light up your way!

I am not kidding about this friends! I tried to even take a picture but it just doesn’t seem to do it justice. It is amazing how much light these jokers put out! This is how it work’s…Everytime I take a step in the dark these lights turn on in the front. I was howling laughing!

I went to go check on my girls before heading to bed and walking into their room… well you could say – I would light up the darkness! haha! I was almost afraid that it would wake them up! Seriously!

It has been interesting this week that during a bible study that I currently lead for middle school girls, we talked about just this topic. Being a light in the darkness of the world. They all started singing this song, “Light Up the Sky” by The After’s.

So listen to this song and especially pay attention to the words of how God can Light up the Sky to let us know that he is near even in the darkest times! Just like the shoes! 🙂



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