Why start a blog?

Why start a blog?
Would the simple answer of God instructed me to suffice?
A little more than 3 years ago I started understanding what blogging really was. It all began with Lysa Terkeurst (founder of Proverbs 31 Ministry). She began blogging and following other blogs – which I also started reading and realizing that this was a mode of communication that was going to take off in this technology age. I was right! God has allowed me to learn so much through so many women of faith without even leaving the comforts of my desk chair! This is where the passion began to grow and I wanted to share these things with friends and family.
Two years ago I attended the She Speaks Conference of Proverbs 31 under the Writer’s track. I took classes on understanding blogging….of which I learned very little or actually to be precise I learned actually how much I didn’t know. The search continued in my heart to understand how to get these words out there that God has been downloading into my heart. At the same time share the story that God has placed in my own life experiences and learn how to write them out appropriately.
This past summer I felt God leading me back to She Speaks but this time under the Speaker’s Track. Boy, did I learn mucho! At the same time, I had the humbling opportunity to meet with several publishers and even writer groups that strongly encouraged me to begin writing my story… or God’s story as he has worked so miraculous in my life. Therefore, this is where I begin.
In these posts I will attempt to share the teachings that God has lead me through either day to day or through the last phenomenal 10 years of my life. There is alot to share as you will soon see. God’s hand on my life is nothing short of a miracle!
There were many years of prior teachings that prepared me for the time when I came face to face with Jesus. I learned what it meant to (Psalm 23) “walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”. These times have lead to a continual growth and journey of walking with my friend Jesus – in the good, the bad and the ugly. No Matter What!
I pray these writings will encourage you and meet you in a place where God can minister to you too.



  1. Amy,
    I am so proud of you! You have been such a trooper in this journey of life. I was really frozen in my tracks when I read your comment “No matter what”. Those were the EXACT words God gave me when I was informed of how grave your condition was at Shands Hospital. He whispered “Amy is going to be just fine, no matter what!” I knew I could trust Him with anything. Everytime I felt like I was suffocating from the stress of waiting on some improvement in your condition, He mercifully breathed into me His Strength and courage to go on… and to trust in His “no matter what”.
    I love you,

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