You Just Never Know!

Matthew 5:16

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Well, again and again God continues to amaze me that when I am obedient to share and open up my life – God points another in the right direction.

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I am constantly sharing links on Facebook through ministries whether writing, speaking, loving and learning about Jesus, raising kids, being a Godly wife or even through homeschooling. When I read something and it resonates…like big time resonates with me…I hit the share button so that others can benefit! Then…I hesitate because who am I that I should share something? They make think I am a “know it all!” {those comments would be the clever voice of Satan himself…I have learn to recognize it and shut it down.}

Many times, I have shared posts written by Mary DeMuth and her ministry Uncaged. She is a writer that has ridden in many more rodeos than I in the writing world. I look to her for advice in writing and sharing the stories that God has given me. This is not a calling that happens with just the touch of a couple of buttons on a computer. There are some muddy places that God calls me to walk through and receive the healing from my Father before I can share about them.

Mary has written about healing and the miraculous things that can happen when we open the door to let the healer do His job…Heal.

Today, I am blown away that just because I shared something on facebook that Candace noticed and now she has a place to share her story on Mary DeMuth’s blog! WHOA! Talking about just the simple task of sharing – someone’s life may be impacted. Many of you were impacted here last week when I shared Candace’s story. It wasn’t pretty at first, but our Almighty God did some powerful healing and delivering of the hurts that she had in her wagon. Today, she is a beautiful example of the loving power and forgiveness of a very mighty God.

You can read Candace’s story again over at Mary DeMuth’s blog today. I am so proud of her and will be in prayer all throughout the day as people read her story and see the incredible tapestry of healing, forgiveness, and love through her story.

Now let me encourage those of you out there to listen to the Holy Spirit when He speaks – you have no idea whose life you are impacting…You never know when stories find healing and when people need that one thing to read in order to heal.

This week another friend of mine taught me to not be clueless about the periphery of what God is doing. We have no idea who is being impacted by the stories we share. This is another writer friend of mine that I wanted to share today. She helped me see that we have no idea how the things we say and do REALLY impact others. Thank you Carey Scott! You have inspired me in many ways than you will ever know. I hope one day our paths will cross and I can hug your neck!

Click here to go to Carey Scott’s blog.

My favorite part of this post was this:

She was missing the role she played in their stories.
I reminded her that each person was seeing God in their circumstances… because she continued to point it out.
She modeled trust in her own life.
She spoke about God often.
She prayed for their eyes to be opened to the truth.
She’d held out hope for her friend’s hearts to connect with His.

I am asking myself these questions today.

    Am I guiding people to see God through their circumstances?
    Am I modeling the trust in an Almighty God in my own life that I so often share with others.
    Am I praying that my eyes be opened to all the God stories that He has right before my eyes?
    Am I realizing sometimes my encouragement is the link to guide others to Christ?

What are some of the questions you need to ask yourself? How are you making an impact in others lives?

Praying for you guys today!

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  1. We just never do know the effect our lives have upon others, but one thing is for sure. We are vessels used for His glory and truly Amy, every aspect of your story is bringing glory to Him. I know you will keep on drinking at the well and continue to allow Him to pour out grace from your vessel. May you feel the strength of His presence as He stands with you through the times of endurance. May your joy be full.

  2. Girl! You’ve no idea how THIS blessed me. Thank YOU for noticing what I do, and for allowing God to use it for your benefit and His glory. And I will take that hug from you one day. Bank on it!

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