Seeing Someone Else’s Miracle

Last weekend I arranged some time to attend an event that I really didn’t have my heart into. It was a graduation ceremony…but not the one that you are probably thinking of.

I wanted to take a Saturday afternoon nap and get ahead on some much-needed reading; however, God wouldn’t let up and He wouldn’t allow me dismiss the thought of this event. He wanted me to attend it…even if it meant forgoing my agenda.

One year ago this month, I was quietly sitting watching my children in gymnastics and a long time friend sat down and unloaded her stuff.

My heart broke for her situation. Her sister was battling with a bondage to an addiction and she just wanted to find her help. Her sister had hit rock bottom and this precious sister was trying to figure out her next steps.

As I sat there and listened, I realized that I knew the answer. I could help. I just needed to make one phone call.

I needed to get her sister into the House of Hope.

House of Hope is a local ministry (in South Georgia) that has a vision to help women find freedom, healing and wholeness through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a safe place for women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.

This place isn’t for the faint at heart. It is serious business. They are serious about stomping on the enemy that began this horrible road of addiction.

There were things that needed to take place before Mary could step across their threshold. We began praying for God to open doors and hearts for this place to be her temporary home for one year while she found healing.

God did just that!

Saturday I had the awesome privilege of watching Mary graduate with God’s diploma of healing. I wept like a baby, seeing once again the miracle that we had prayed for, come to fruition.

A powerful healing has taken place.

What an awesome privilege it is to be apart of God’s kingdom and see His hand of healing be extended.

Since the graduation I have been in constant prayer for Mary as she re-enters a world where she has changed but it has not.

She has changed, but they have not.

She is learning to put into practice all that she has learned about staying close to her Father.

She needs Him now just as much as she needed Him 12 months ago when she began this healing journey.

Would you join me in praying for my friend Mary as she steps into this new adventure of walking with Jesus? Will you pray for God’s provision, His protection and His out-pouring of love and forgiveness.

Here is a song that brought me to my knees as I listened to it over and over again. I thought of Mary and the strength that God was going to lavish on her as she lives for her Jesus.

May you be blessed by it.

Job 5:9 “He does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles.”

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  1. Like you, I continue to praise God for His works in Mary and others at the House of Hope. Thank you Amy for introducing us to this ministry!! You are truly a good and faithful servant. I am in prayer for you. I pray for you to get the quiet times and rest that YOU must have for God to continue to heal you of all you have gone through over the past year. I love you, sister. Susan

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