Home Sweet Home!

You turn my tears of sadness into such joy and gladness
My heart can’t keep it in – I’ll shout it!

Remember I mentioned here before how EXCITED I can get because music SO STIRS MY SOUL! God sent this one straight to me just for this moment to share with you guys!

When you see this post we will be waking up in our Georgia home! We have left MD Anderson CANCER FREE!

We snuck home in time to surprise our girls Sunday morning! They will be SO THRILLED that we are home!

Tears were shed the entire trip. But especially when we laid our heads in our own bed. With every step, the tears are shed from just the overwhelming gratefulness from our Lord for the healing He has done!

We are not shedding tears because we are tired…even though we are exhausted.
We are not shedding tears because we have no hope.
And not shedding tears because we are frustrated with all that we have endured.

But tears fall because of the Joy and Hope that our God has given us.  Our healing continues!

We got out of the hospital on Friday morning and with wonderful well wishes from our surgeon and his team. We have a follow-up surgical post op appointment in 6 weeks. We will have the biopsy results from the lymph nodes that they removed at that time. We are asking God to show us His healing hand that the chemo killed all cancer cells that were removed.

More updates will still come in the coming days of recovery from home, but I just couldn’t hold this one in!  Hope you danced in your seat to this song as much as we have!

Bless you Prayer Warriors and Friends!


  1. awesome, awesome, awesome! will continue to pray. and smiling just thinking of the girls reaction this morning! thanks for sharing your news and give Kevin a (man) hug for me!
    John and co

  2. Welcome home! Our town feels more complete knowing our dear friends have returned! I know your home IS complete this morning! Love you Kings!!!

  3. Standing in awe of God’s amazing grace and mercy and guidance through your journey! To Him be all PRAISE and THANKSGIVING!!! Thank you so much for your transparency and vulnerability. May MANY be encouraged that, even through much suffering, it CAN be WELL WITH YOUR SOUL! ❤

  4. Welcome home indeed! Praying God blesses you rest and recovery, with much rest. Praying!! Your faith is an inspiration. May you one day know the amazing impact you have had on us all. We are the blessed ones by you letting us in. Thank you and hooray!!!

  5. We are happy beyond words to know that you are HOME. HALLELUJAH. Praise be to God!!! May you get lots of rest.
    Susan and Brian

  6. Praising the Lord with you and Kevin! God is GOOD, and greatly to be praised! (I dig the song, too!!)
    Love ya, friend!

  7. A friend shared your blog with me. I too am on a journey. I have a sick son and husband, and I’m trying to walk in God’s Grace. Thank you so much for sharing your story. God is Good all the time.
    Tammy Sapp Bailey
    Wesleyan College 1990

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