His Faithfulness is Unending

I have to say this week has been simply amazing! How God is answering so many of our prayers has been mind-boggling! Kevin has made such progress in his strength and even overall improvement! His jovial self has returned!

Last night we even grilled steaks to celebrate! (It doesn’t take much around here for us to find something to celebrate!)

Today, we head back to Houston, Texas for a quick trip to have CAT scans and meet with the surgeon and oncologist. *sigh*

No, we want to be honest…we don’t want to go…at all! The smells of the airplanes and airports…the smell of the hospital and elevators…the waiting in the waiting rooms for our names to be called. It all makes my stomach churn.

But as God woke me up this morning 30 min before my alarm went off…I happily got up and sat with Jesus to lay all these thoughts at his feet. He is going before me today to smooth out the rough places.

Going back this time is different…we are going back to see how BIG our God has shown out!

We have been speaking many blessings and beliefs out in the last couple of weeks since the last round of chemo. We believe in the unsearchable things of God. We believe that He has the power to remove everything that is left from these infected lymph nodes. We believe He wants to send a message to these specific doctors and to others who know our story.

Last night when I was saying prayers with my girls, we prayed big prayers. We prayed for Miracles!

My youngest said, {who is actually our daughter of faith} “Mom, are you guys going back to see the pictures of where God has taken Daddy’s boo-boo and made it go “poof”…gone!? I simply said, “yes.”

She gets it!

Headed to the Big state of Texas today…but more importantly to see the BIG THINGS OF GOD!

Love you guys! Keep praying, keep sharing our blog and story, keep encouraging! We couldn’t have walked through this process without you!

Here is a song by Meredith Andrews that I am singing this beautiful Sabbath day! It is my prayer of praise to our God who does exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask! “Not for a moment will you forsake me!”


  1. Blessings to you guys and the whole family. I love your daughter’s comment on “poof”…That is what we pray for….EWD

  2. Thinking of you both today…Praying for safe travel and Fantabulous News…Our God shows up and shows out in AMAZING ways…He has covered you both with His hands and HE HAS GOT THIS!!! Love you both, Joni and David

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