New Doors of Our Hearts

Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig!

Today, we will turn the door knob and open the door of our home…in Valdosta.

Words can not even begin to explain how excited we are to be traveling back home for the next 10 days. I am not going to even try to explain our emotions!

We shared the exciting news with our girls on Sunday night and they were beyond thrilled to be seeing us soon. (One even did cartwheels in the floor!)

We plan to make up for the last 39 days of being away from our girls with lots of just cuddle time, movie watching, games and even long talks. So will you grant me some grace as I may take some time away from the computer – at least till the dust settles?

Life is made for moments like these. So we plan to savor them, before we have to return to the big state of Texas for more meds.

God continues to pour His Spirit into us through so many avenues. We had so many more Holy Spirit occurrences while in the room P-903…I couldn’t even keep up. Just when you think things have settled down and everyone is back to their normal lives…God sped up His blessings meter and we were overwhelmed once again!

We believe that we are able to walk this road truly by God’s grace, His Presence and His overwhelming Holy Spirit. I absolutely do not know how anyone can walk this path without Jesus. It would be hopeless.

We have learned so much about the Free Gift of Grace that God gives to His children. Not because we deserve it, but because He loves us. With that grace, comes HEALING. I truly believe that!

We are walking through healing on so many realms.

Recently, we heard this and just sat and smiled because we knew it was true in the deeper parts of our hearts:

“There is never a long walk to His Throne. If we are seated at the right hand of our Father, then all we must do is hold out our hand.”

We are holding out our hand…and Jesus is smiling and grasping our hands to walk with us as we take each and every breath.

Today, this song will be our prayer as we open the door of these beautifully changed hearts with our children.


  1. Enjoy your sweet girls and your family! Praise the Lord For this wonderful time!
    covering you in prayer! Safe travels!

  2. Awesome! Praying for the loving arms of Jesus to enfold your sweet family during this time together. Continuing to pray for complete healing for Kevin!

  3. I am so glad you getting to reunite with your girls and families. Enjoy each giggle, hug, kiss, every after bedtime moment, and joyous peaceful times together. We love you! You should let the girls put on some of your pink lipstick and have kissing party on daddy’s bald head…it would make it such a light affair and they would have a blast and you could take a picture of the pink aftermath!!! LOL Just a thought!

  4. Praise the LORD! We rejoice with you today! I know your hearts are overwhelmed.

    PS The LORD used Plsam 91 greatly in our lives as well. The mental picture that He gave me was that of how a mother hen gathers her little chicks under her wings to keep them safe from the storm. He would do that for me if I ran to HIM! He is doing that for you and Kevin right now for you have chosen to seek shelter under HIS wings! His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart!

    Love & Prayers!
    Jeannie Fuller

  5. Amy and Kevin

    So thankful that you are home safely….
    Continuing to pray for complete healing, Kevin.
    You have strengthened our faith and all who read your blog, Amy.
    Much love
    Meg, Mike, Charlie and Marsh Douglass

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