Blessings that I would NEVER trade!

I am blessed.

No…really…like beyond blessed!

I don’t deserve it. Not one bit!

In the last 10 years of my life, I have been surrounded by a multitude of exceptional friends. Like over the top, out of the ordinary and super cool, jazzed up, Jesus lovin’ girlfriends. I have been told that is rare and that I need to cherish every moment of those relationships.

I do.

These girlfriends go deep with God. They cry with me when we are overwhelmed at the authentic LOVE that Christ has for us. {He tells us in His Word how precious we are to Him!}

They laugh and shine with excitement when we both learn new things about our incredible God. These girlfriends would go to the moon and back for me and I know that. I would do it a thousand times over for them too!

I don’t take that for granted…not one bit!

Especially when we can go off together to soak in God’s Word for a weekend.

This weekend I had the opportunity to go away with some of these women. While we were away at this retreat, we experienced Jesus’ glory together. We really sought hard after God, to learn more about Him and how much He loves us. We learned about His overwhelming love for us and how we could lay down the “stuff” that so easily entangles us. In return, Jesus gave us freedom and victory! WOW! Words are just not able to come close to how much I learned in 3 days and how we felt God’s presence.

These women chased hard after God and His healing mercies.

We experienced Real. Life. Healing.

I wouldn’t trade moments like these for the world!

But the second realization of the blessings I have been given happened when I got home and heard how much fun my family had while I was away. Seriously! For most women, they would be disappointed that they missed out on that special time. They would be afraid they may have missed those moments… Not me…I see the bigger picture!

My girls had fun with their Daddy and each other. They were filled with excitement telling me about all of the stories that had encompassed their weekend. They shared about the laughter, the food they ate and the movies they watched. They even shared about the cleaning time they did to prepare for my return and even that it didn’t seem unbearable.

Those things are priceless. Those are memories that make up who they are and who they will become as Women one day.

I love my husband and I love my children dearly but God knows that sometimes Mama needs to get away with those girlfriends to just see Jesus.

Overwhelming…supernatural…exceedingly and abundant blessings is what I got this weekend!

After returning home, I was reminded that we have fun in our family just like I have fun with my girlfriends.

One of our favorite things to do is randomly play certain songs…LOUD and dance all around the house in freedom because of the acceptance we have found here. So today, I want to share with you a song that we LOVE to play during these times. This is an incredible rendition of it.

Hope you will enjoy it and look around you for the tiny blessings in your life today. They could very well not be here tomorrow!

click Here to watch!

Linking up with Multitudes on Monday’s – where many bloggers are learning to count the gifts that shine in their lives each day.

21 – abundance of raindrops in the last few days.
22 – Fresh dirt to nourish my new spring garden.
23 – Empty laundry hampers
24 – Fresh yellow tulips in my kitchen
25 – Singing Mandisa’s song, “Good Morning” with my girls on a wet Monday morning.
26 – My coffee and a new coffee mug to enjoy it in.
27 – Small answered prayers
28 – Encouragement from friends who are there just to listen and love.
29 – Opportunities to lay it all down at the feet of Jesus.
30 – Sweet tears shed because of seeing Jesus heal a sister in Christ from the garbage we all try to hide.
31 – Ability to make bread that was served in Holy Communion.
32 – Moments (like blessings mentioned above) when you are allowed to serve it to others. Humbling.
33 – The prayers of faith that a friend prays.


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