The {whole} story

Resource day!

I want to introduce you to a new friend. Her name is Lisa Whittle.

I first met Lisa 2 years ago. She intrigued me. Her authenticity drew me in to know more about this woman who is sold out for Jesus. She is just real, “on the money” in her Jesus teaching, and genuine. For many years, she has had a passion for sharing her faith with a younger generation. She has a passion to share her God with anyone who wanted to listen… I think I can relate to all of these! 🙂

After meeting Lisa in person, I got to know her a little more through her writing on her blog. It was through her writing that I saw how Lisa was authentic about her struggles, but also about her strengths.

She has walked through deliverance and healing from so many of the lies that culture would want many of us to believe. I think her story would resonate with many others as well.

I am thrilled to tell you that Lisa’s has a new book {Whole} that was released last week. I am so excited for her, as I believe this is something that God has birthed out of her. She understands how important it is for her to be obedient and share this story with others through her book.

When we go through hard places and God has us put all our “stuff” on the table, I believe He then invites healing into those scarred places to make them {whole} again. The HARD PART is when God calls us to make this “redeemed mess” public…well, there just has to be God all over it. He must figure that there are many other people who are struggling with the same things. I praise God that Lisa was obedient.

I will let you check it out it all for yourself.

Her book website will tell you all that you would need to know about the book is THE {WHOLE} STORY.

I loved watching the trailer didn’t you?!

Her blog is found HERE.

Let me know your thoughts…I am beginning reading my copy this week! You can find copies at the following places:
Barnes & Noble
Proverbs 31 Ministries


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