9/11 Memories Miracles

Last week was the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

A grueling day in America’s history. For the last 2 weeks our family has viewed all the documentaries on the History channel and have been transported back in time to that day, which seems for so many…just yesterday.

I have been in prayer asking God, “Where are you taking this country, Lord?” I think many have since this horrific day of 9/11.

I have felt in my Spirit that God is moving this world in that direction and we need to pay attention to the BIG details and the SMALL. Doing extensive bible study in the book of Revelations or even the availing myself to writings about the end times has not been where God has led me…yet, I know it’s coming.

I would like to share with you our story that took place on September 11, 2001. This week, as I have reflected on it, it does seem like just yesterday. I remember my thoughts, prayers, and even smells on that day 10 years ago.

For 3 years prior, my husband and I had begun the journey of desiring to enlarge our “quiver”. We sought medical advice and spiritual advice as things were not “happening” like they should.

We had begun asking for the help of fertility specialist 2 hours away and basically had been told…”this isn’t looking good guys.”

We took a 3 month sabbatical of pouring our pennies into this guy’s pocket and decided to just seek God and re-establish our relationship as a couple and with our precious daughter we were already blessed to have.

To be honest, after 3 long years of walking through this wilderness, I was SPENT! Kevin was traveling with his work even more than ever and I was struggling with the whole idea of infertility. I spent most of my days sucking the fibers of the carpet in prayer asking God to perform miracles.

During this time, I was studying the “Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson.

His teaching throughout this book is based on 2 Chronicles 10:4-10.
“He was the one who prayed to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory! Please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all trouble and pain!” And God granted him his request.”

I cried out from that place on my knees for God to bless us and enlarge our territory (with enlarging our family). I knew it was going to be big and I wanted the Lord’s presence with me. In fact, during this same year I did an extensive Bible study on the Holy Spirit that RADICALLY changed my life in understanding HIS PRESENCE with me. It has been the mantel of teaching that God has not let me keep to myself. I have to share it with others that He brings in my path.

The last request was that He would keep me from all trouble and pain. This is where the rubber met the road now as I look back. I didn’t know the trouble that we would face in the future. I desperately needed God’s supernatural protection. (you can read more of my story here.)

My faith was strengthened on the last part of the last scripture prayer….“And God granted him his request.” My hands shake even as I write this as the emotions overflow my whole soul. I think this is the time and place when God granted me the extra measure of the Faith gift that I now hold. I can’t always explain it but this is where the entry point came for holding that gift.

It just so happens that after we had taken a slight break with the fertility drugs and procedures 3 months later, we started to become aware of how mighty our God is. I became pregnant with our second child!

Now, this is really when I would just learn to sit in AWE of who He was and what MY GOD was capable of doing.

I felt like Kevin and I were secret service agents in that we knew about a HUGE MIRACLE and we couldn’t share with anyone. We decided that it would be best to head down to the fertility specialist in Jacksonville to have everything checked out before getting our friends and family hyped up on the ride of disappointment we had been on for 3 years.

On September 11th 2001, we headed out one early morning to Jacksonville. We spent most of our time in the car discussing our “discovery”. We were overwhelmed. Here this road that we had so many times traveled on had been associated with despair, failure and many other questions…now it felt as if we were traveling to a whole new place.

About an hour out, Kevin turned on the radio. Every station was on the news. But the news was sounding very similar to the “Left Behind” series. (A fiction book about the end times.) Kevin had already read all of the books that Tim LaHaye had published.

I asked him if he had rented the books on tape and was this what we were listening to? He looked at me with wide eyes…and said, “NO.”

As we made our way to the doctor’s building, we realized that many people inside the office were huddled around a small black and white TV or radios and we began to feel the devastation that this was going to have on so many.

It seemed so surreal….our most joyous day of confirming our discoveries of finally being pregnant was being over-ridden by such destruction and horror. My heart was tugged with such emotion in all directions.

We did confirm in that small examining room that we were indeed pregnant with our second child and we were actually about 5 weeks along. I wanted to collapse at my Savior’s feet. That Prayer of Jabez was overwhelming my thoughts. This scripture would become this child’s life verses.

So on this day in history, I remember watching for months the destruction of so many lives but at the same time knowing deep in my Spirit that there was a God that performed Miracles. He had heard the cry of a South Georgia couple, humbled on their knees before a very Big God, to see their mountain be moved.

September 11, 2001 will forever be etched in my mind for many horrible but GREAT reasons.

This week as I reflected and praised God for how He has brought good out of what happened on that day 10 years ago, I watched a video that moved me. This woman was the last survivor pulled from the rubble. Her story is amazing and real. She had an angel that helped her.

These are real supernatural things God is still in the business of doing. I know…I have had a couple.

I pray you will watch this interview of one woman’s miracle story and be encouraged as you see the testimony of another miracle that happened on 9/11.

(If you are reading this through your email you will need to go directly to my site Here to watch the video.)

Thanks so much for walking down memory lane with me today. I pray you are encouraged to look for more of the miracles happening around you in your world through reading my story.


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