Just been reminded of God’s grace this week.

You can read HERE to see a post I wrote earlier this summer on this topic. It seems that God is still working on me with how I extend Grace but also how I receive Grace from my Lord.

I tend to want to camp out by living in a Martha world, but my greatest desire is to move more toward a Mary perspective.

Today, I would like to be bold and ask you guys to pray from me.

Pray that God continues to use this blog for HIS PURPOSES. He’ll know what I need.

Yesterday, I ran into a friend in the grocery store and they said, “Keep writing…I love your blog!” This person will never know the bit of sunshine and how their comment was a gift from Heaven. It was as if God was nudging me along on this journey that sometimes can become overwhelming.

I love to write and share. It is something that wells up within me. I just need to receive Grace to not be so hard on my self when I do write.

God is bouncing lots of things inside my heart today…can you tell? Thanks for letting me share and be transparent.

Here is a short skit from the skit guys that entangled me today as it relates to the Grace factor! Enjoy!

***If you are reading this through email then you will need to go directly to my blog website to view this video. Worth the time and effort! 🙂

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