Walking in Wholeness

Today I am wanting to share with you a friend that I met a couple of years ago at She Speaks. Lisa Whittle has always intrigued me with her writings. She challenges me to think through places that I wouldn’t ordinary go.

It’s at these times that I grow with Jesus. I am stretched beyond my comfort zone. I deal with things that I am wanting to hide.

Recently, I had a friend share with me how they liked it when I share different resources. Ann Voskamp’s blog had really ministered to my friend and Ann’s book is changing the way she looks at life.

Therefore, today I want to share Lisa Whittle’s blog with you.

On Wednesday, she posted about a topic that stirred in me. I came back to reread it later in the day…again.

It was about owning our stuff.

Our weaknesses.

Sometimes admitting the truth that we want to keep secret is the direct opposite of what the enemy wants us to do. Bringing our confessions to the front keeps us from receiving healing. Many times all we want to do is confront others about their “stuff” when in reality all God calls us to be responsible for is…


I heard it once said, “Don’t show them your dirty laundry.”

Well, friends I have come to realize that we all have dirty laundry…let’s face that fact first. (I am not talking about the dirty gym shorts or stinky socks either!)

God wants to clean up our dirty laundry. In order to do that we have to own it first. That sometimes is the hardest part.

John 8:31-32 says “Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Here is Lisa’s post from Wednesday that got my panties ruffled…cause I needed to own my stuff.

THEN…this morning she took me a little further by asking some poignant questions that I think we all need to reflect on this weekend (hence, why I am posting this on a Friday).

Click HERE to see Lisa Whittle’s video blog about compatibility.

Good Grief, do her questions make sense or what?? I am so desperately wanting to be WHOLE in Jesus therefore, I will spend some time this weekend with my sweet Jesus talking about what is standing in my way of becoming WHOLE in JESUS.

Will you join me?


If you visit Lisa’s space on the World Wide Web, please let her know you are her new friend by way of my blog. You don’t want to just be a stalker and not comment! 🙂 Love you Friends!

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