I Have Decided…

I have decided to be Bold.

I have decided to have AUDACIOUS FAITH. ~ (Steven Furtick’s book.)

I have decided to be WEIRD for Jesus. ~ (Craige Groschel’s book)

I have decided to be Just Like Jesus ~ (Louie Giglio’s book)

I have decided to Follow Jesus ~ Me

This weekend something absolutely amazing happened at a church that I sat in just 2 weeks ago in Charlotte, NC. I really wish we could have been there to witness this! 1400 people were stirred to make a decision. A decision that would change their life forever. A decision that counted for eternity.

1400 people decided to follow Jesus and take it even a step further and be baptized!

Watch this video and let me know your comments. I will be honest…tears flowed down my face as I watched this.

I remembered when I decided to follow Jesus. I KNOW how these precious people felt when they came up out of the water, some with tears, others with shouts!

People…You need to pay attention…God is stirring the waters!

Have you decided to follow Jesus? Have you decided to make it public and be baptized? These people didn’t wait…They responded!

To see more on this story read Steven Furtick’s blog.

I just couldn’t let the day go by without sharing this today!

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