Life interrupted moments

Today, I had the chance, for just a moment, to just sit…sit….and sit. This is not normal for me. Seriously?!

With the bad weather passing through our county this morning, I needed to just not get in a hurry about all the things that I needed to do and just wait. I was listening to my weather radio to see where the storms were.

Let me just say – I don’t just visit YouTube’s website all the time. God leads me through different things and I get these videos by total super-natural (Holy Spirit) occurrences. This morning as I was sitting – another one dropped in my lap that blessed me today.

Kari Jobe obviously did the Easter Service for Saddleback church this weekend …in a baseball stadium!! How awesome is that!?

Click here to see the video.

“You hold my every moment, you calm my raging sea.
You equip me through fire and heal all my disease.
I trust in you, I trust in you.

I believe your my healer, I believe you are all I need.
I believe you are my portion, I believe you are more than enough for me.”

Living life today completely undone, un-abandoned and unashamed at who my GOD is and How much I love Him!

Praying you find time to SIT today.

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