Defining Moments or Refining Moments

Yesterday, I was lead to write on the scripture that so eloquently I was wanting Jesus to step into our car and bring forth truth to my children – in which He did so gloriously! I even got a bigger treat after I dropped them off. God topped it off with a phone call from a great friend calling me to understand a deeper truth on this topic.

I think God REALLY wanted me to see this truth on my perspective not just from my children’s perspective.

This friend that I got a phone call from is an awesome Christian gal that speaks to many women’s groups around the country (my “famous” friend I call her), but God had shared with her these deep truths that I just couldn’t wait to share with you guys! I asked permission first of course! *smile*

Let’s revisit the entire scripture again and then at the end of our studying I will connect you with my friend and what she wrote on the topic as well. I wouldn’t want to leave her out!

Philippians 2:14-16:
“14 Do everything without complaining or arguing. 15 Then you will be blameless and innocent. You will be God’s children without any faults among people who are crooked and corrupt. You will shine like stars among them in the world 16 as you hold firmly to the word of life. Then I can brag on the day of Christ that my effort was not wasted and that my work produced results.

Ok…let’s get serious for a moment…We all have messes in our lives. These are usually the things that we complain about. Or nag our friends about with our grumblings so much that many times it crosses that line that we are not being the light in the world that Jesus calls us to be.

Some of these things that we get stuck in the pit of complaining can even be linked back to the bondages that we are carrying around in our wagons. I think I have already shared some thoughts on that here.

Our messes or situations in our lives either


I love that scripture and how it says that by us not grumbling or complaining in our messes we become blameless and innocent in the midst of this corrupt and perverse world.

Let’s face it…there is a whole lot of CRUD going on all around us as adults but even more CRUD being inundated in our children minds and hearts if we aren’t careful and closely monitoring who our children hang out with, what programs they watch on TV or even the songs they have downloaded onto their phones, or iPods.

This crooked and perverse world is crying out for something REAL, AUTHENTIC and filled with God’s Love. If we are grumbling and complaining about the simplest of things then how are we looking to those people who are looking to us to see Jesus?

I don’t want my mess ups to define who I am instead I want Him to REFINE me through His forgiveness and love. I want it to change me to not make the same mistake twice.

Shining like the light in a dark world is the character trait that I want to display for all to see. Look at the second part of that scripture in verse 15 where it states that we are to be like the stars shining in this corrupt world. It says we do this by holding strong to the word of life. THAT IS GOD’S WORD.

We don’t have anything to hold onto if we don’t have the Word of God in our heart. The supply is empty.

I want to give God something to grab on to when things get tough and He needs a scripture from His Word to blow forth TRUTH into my situation.

Soak up the Word people! It is one of our biggest weapons against the enemy!

So you choose.. do you want a situation to DEFINE you or REFINE you? Ask yourself that question before you begin to grumble and complain next time. Instead ask God to help you with your grumblings. He is bigger anyway!

If you would like to meet my friend and see her words on the topic of defining and refining – I would love to introduce you! Her post today was helpful in that she lists some more “go-to” scriptures that we can begin filling our tanks with!

Click here to meet my friend Lysa TerKeurst.

Before I wrap up for today, I wanted to share with you a song that I found recently that can bring such comfort in the continual healing of those places we love to grumble and complain about. God wants to heal us of those hurts. It’s just the audio – because the song is rather dated and there was not any YouTube selections! 🙂 I love those kind!

08 Merciful Rain. I want you to listen and let the healing waters wash over your soul. “In the Name of Jesus you have been forgiven and redeemed forever. Fix your eyes on heaven!”


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