Mercy In Disguise

Wednesday was an extraordinary day with Jesus for me. If it is ok with you, I’d like to share.

~ I have watched God open up His Word to a friend and have the Truth LEAP off of the page. All I had to do was read it out loud. Just that simple!
~ I have had fellowship with Prayer Warriors that have blown the socks off my feet! {ok…I wasn’t wearing socks, but you get the picture}
~ I have laughed hysterically at the discussion around the topic on the “Beauty of Marriage” in a bible study with wives. It was good clean fun! I promise! 🙂
~ Last, but certainly not least; I have been in prayer closely with the Holy Spirit all day for a friend that is fighting for his life. For his wife and children, for their peace and comfort. I want a Bible totin’ MIRACLE! I want the Supernatural to step in!

I also found this song tonight that a friend suggested I listen to. I don’t think I have any words that can express more eloquently how much truth and teaching are in these videos.

I guess it brought all my thoughts to the forefront from my last event mentioned that the tears flowed from the revelation this song brought.

After you listen to the song I think you will understand my next statement.

I have seen these dark times. I have felt the pain. All the while knowing that my God was listening to my every prayer. Hearing my desperate pleas.

His love is too great to let any of my prayers slip by. I have also known when I need to trust in the Lord to know that his mercies are in disguise sometimes.

All of the words in this message are powerful in how they sit with the deep parts of my soul. These are toward the end of the song that brought it all together.

“What if my greatest disappointments are the aching of this life
Is there a revealing of a greater thirst this world can not satisfy
Then what if trials of this life, the rain, the storms, the hardest nights
are your mercies in disguise.”

The first link is an interview that Laura Story did about why she wrote this song.

Blessings Interview

This next one is the song itself. Put your headphones into your computer or turn the volume up hight so that you can blast it and soak up the words – you won’t be disappointed.

Actual Blessings Song by Laura Story

Blessings to you all today as I pray God takes you to that deep place where you cry out for his name and you realize sometimes His mercies are in disguise.

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