You don’t want to miss this…

Many of you have heard me talk about the book “Made to Crave” that was released this past week by Lysa TerKeurst. This is a phenomenal book that isn’t a diet book. It is a jam up, blow you out of the water book about how God wants us to look at all the things we crave as men and women from a spiritual perspective.

Just in the last week she has had an article on CNN belief blog that made the secular world step back and examine how this Christian girl can stir such a ruckus. Seems some atheist commented on the blog of CNN and her article and her Christian friends all posted comments making her article one of the most visited articles CNN has had in quite some time! Needless to say, they have asked her back!

She also has had her book sky-rocket to #10 on the Amazon best seller list! Now tell me this little southern Christian girl can’t get it done right! 🙂 Sorry if seems like I am gushing – she is a dear friend and I have heard God say that he has His hand on her and her ministry. I can see why God said that now!

Anyway, The reason for me writing you this is to mention an awesome opportunity. You might have seen on her blog HERE that she is stepping out and doing something new. She has hosting a FREE LIVE FEED online bible study starting next Monday (1/10) on the website. This live feed will be done from 8:00-8:45pm. I do believe that they will also be showing it on Tuesday Morning again at 11am for those of you that missed it. You just go to the website and watch! Incredible! FOR FREE!

This will be an opportunity to attend a bible study in your PJ’s! How cool is that? You don’t necessarily have to have the book to do it either. You will certainly want the book to read but it isn’t necessary to have especially the first night. I know that you can order the book from Proverbs 31 ministry through this website here.

Please take the time to read her blog and visit the Made to Crave Website. It will be well worth the time today. Feel free to pass this info along to anyone else. I have had several ask how they can get connected so that they don’t miss Monday night.

Blessings to you this New Year as we seek God’s face for a healthier relationship with Jesus! Couldn’t think of a better New Year’s Resolution!



  1. Thanks Amy, I signed up just now ,looking forward to this study time. I am very proud of you and all southern girls who take a stand for God.

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